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Woolworths V&A Sweet and Clicks Franschhoek Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award  goes to Garth Karsten, Foods Manager at Woolworths in the V&A Waterfront, for having been on the floor last Sunday afternoon.  He is also a senior store manager, and had no hesitation in assisting with the selection of a sealed box of grapes, and then organising Greek yoghurt from the back of the store, which literally arrived one minute after being requested.   It was such a surprise to see a Woolworths staff member on the floor, let alone a manager!   He also impressed a number of other customers who were in the Foods section at the same time.

The Sour Service Award goes to Dion and Rochelle at Clicks Franschhoek.   I walked into the brand new Clicks in Franschhoek to a tremendous noise from one of the tills, around which five staff were gathered.  I had to ask them to tone down the noise level.   When I went to to pay, I had to stand at the second till, as the first one was still surrounded by staff.  The cashier Rochelle refused to serve me, as I was not standing at the till she was operating.   She tried to encourage another cashier to also not serve me.   All of this happened in full view of the store manager Dion, who did not reprimand Rochelle, nor did she apologise to me for her staff member’s behaviour.

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