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Bay Skincare Institute Sweet and Dante Wellness Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Catherine Anderson, Manager of the Bay Skincare Institute in Camps Bay, Cape Town, for an exemplary service recovery, following a most unpleasant experience with the therapist Tammy.  The client was invited to return to have the treatment completed, and the new therapist Angela was caring and absolutely professional.   At no stage did Katherine try to do the tempting “my staff are perfect and never make mistakes” routine!

The Sour Service Award goes to Dante Wellness in Sea Point, Cape Town, whose co-owner (with sister Teresa) Daniela Stefanutti is so abrasive with her clients.  While the customer had decided to not return to Dante due to this a year ago, she received a gift voucher over Christmas, and returned, to be treated by a lovely new therapist Marieke.  The customer’s reaction to the incompetence of the receptionist in making a new booking resulted in Daniela calling, with abuse, and cancelling the appointment.  She did not request any input from the customer, basing her decision purely on input from her receptionist.

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