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Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail accounts back up again, after a severe hacking attack!

My Social Media accounts were severely hacked while I was in the air flying to London on Tuesday evening 28 May. It has taken a week, and the extreme patience and cleverness of a dear friend, to unhack my Facebook and Messenger, Instagram, and Gmail accounts, everything now back up and running since yesterday. Continue reading →

WhaleTales Blog under severe hack attack: apology for the absence!

imageIn the past ten days our Blog has been down, due to a severe hacking attack on our Blogsite.

A vicious hacker who has sent numerous messages to our site has caused such strain on the host company server that they have had to close it down, as it has affected the speed of operation of other websites in the same block. We are aware of the perpetrator, who has been posting about a legal battle we are entering into about a Blogpost I wrote almost four years ago. We will hand this information over to our lawyers. 

I apologize to our regular readers for the resultant absence of our daily blogposts. 

I wish you a belated Merry Christmas/Frohe Weihnachten/Geseënde Kersfees.

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