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Should the City of Cape Town take up the fight against alleged Racism in Cape Town?

City of CT Racism a1 Whale CottageI had seen a news report about Mayor Patricia de Lille taking a stand against allegations of racism in Cape Town, and did not take any note of it, the R-word being a very sensitive one (increasingly so, I feel), which can potentially lead to abuse and other criticism.  I changed my mind when I saw a series of advertisements in the latest Atlantic Sun, and as I was on the receiving end of an extreme attack of racism in Green Point last week.

Mayor de Lille appears to have reacted to allegations by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa that Cape Town is ‘racist‘, obviously implying that ‘White’ residents of the city are racist towards residents of other population groups in Cape Town.  She launched the ‘Inclusive City‘ campaign and ‘Cape Town against Racism’ advertising campaign on Human Rights Day on 24 March.

The advertising campaign is visible in the Cape Town freesheets, being a series of three full- Continue reading →

City of Cape Town spends millions of Rands on dreadful new logo!

City of Cape Town logo newThe City of Cape Town has commissioned a new logo, which has been shot down in flames by locals on Social Media.  The backlash was so severe that Mayor Patricia de Lille had to announce on radio that she will make a statement about it on Monday.

Radio station Kfm showed the old and new logos on its Facebook page, and the vote unanimously was for the existing logo, which depicts Table Mountain as the icon for the city.  The new logo has a vaguely recognisable Table Mountain too, but the meaning of the various colours in it is unclear, looking like a police badge, or a cog, reminding me of the uncomfortable table tops at Truth on Buitenkant Street.  A large part of the criticism is the money that the design would cost, and to what better use it could have been put!

The City of Cape Town also announced via a Kfm news broadcast that the logo that had gone viral was not the final choice, and had merely been presented for comment!

The City of Cape Town’s Tourism, Events and Marketing Directorate will have been responsible Continue reading →