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The Sweet Service Award goes to McQueens Pride & Groom (what a lovely name), for its facial, and added to that the treat of a hand and foot massage for the duration of the facial. The therapist was chatty and friendly and the hour flew by. As some of the cream got into my hair, I was further spoilt with a hair wash and blow by Glen in the BloStyle Bar. The treat was kindly organized by Marina Nestel, brand ambassador of McQueens. 



I don’t often visit Lifestyle on Kloof, but needed to buy something at Wellness Warehouse yesterday morning, so spent an interesting morning, revisiting the centre, and some of its more quirky shops. My shock surprise was discovering the jam-packed Olive Branch Deli, a ‘Community Grocer‘ which has been in the centre, adjacent to Woolworths, for 18 months already!  (more…)

audi-centre-va-waterfront-3The Sweet Service Award goes to Audi in the V&A Waterfront, and its Service Ambassador Hennie Kriel, for his assistance in reconnecting my car phone to the bluetooth in my new upgraded cellphone. He also helped me to get a tyre pressure warning removed, after a slow puncture was fixed. Instead of doing it for me, he made me do it, whilst instructing me, so that I am able to do it myself in future.  (more…)

IcerinkThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Rotary Club of Sea Point, with the City of Cape Town and Mouille Point Ratepayers,  for installing a new outdoor synthetic ice rink at the Park in Mouille Point. The ice rink is environment-friendly, not requiring electricity for its operation. Part of the operational proceeds go to Rotary.




imageThe Sour Service Award goes to the Vodacom branch in Lifestyle on Kloof, for its rude service by Shimeez, the manager of the branch. I requested a printout of the latest invoice, and every sentence I spoke was countered with a sarcastic arrogant reply! On Twitter we received similar feedback from other customers about this branch!

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Pick_n_Pay-logo-19A17F34E4-seeklogo.com_The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay, for their efficient Twitter service.  As the telephone number of the Camps Bay store had changed and is not provided by the Telkom voice which informs that the old number is no longer valid, I Tweeted the retailer, and received the new number within ten minutes!  The Camps Bay store has a new manager Grant Ross, and the store’s service has improved greatly since he took over, it previously having been one of the worst managed stores in the group.  Earlier this week I bought an sms bundle for a member of staff, but had been given a MTN data voucher, which my colleague put into the phone, not realising the error made by the Pick ‘n Pay till operator. Grant kindly replaced the data bundle with an sms bundle voucher. (more…)

The Sweet Service Award goes to The Wash, which was nominated by Nicky Farmer: “I immediately thought to nominate as below as this kind of customer service just doesn’t seem to happen as often as it should. On 24 Jan, I had a meeting at the Lifestyle Centre on Kloof Street and I took the opportunity to have my car valeted downstairs at The Wash (021 422 2233). They’re always so friendly and do a pretty good job. It wasn’t until 31 Jan that I opened my wallet to take out my business card and realised it wasn’t there. I got a fright, but immediately calmed down as I hadn’t had any notifications of transactions on my account, so I knew it was safe – probably in a pair of jeans at home or something. I couldn’t find it at all the next day, so I went through my bank statement online and realised that the last time I’d seen my card was at The Wash. I called them immediately, and Malcolm, the Manager said he’d been holding onto it for me, but couldn’t find a number for me in the phone book.  I know it’s a really simple one, but he had such an opportunity to take advantage, but instead played the role of good citizen.  His will be my car wash service of choice moving forward!”

The Sour Service Award goes to the V&A Waterfront, whose Aniem called from the Info Centre to say that a Loyalty card was waiting at its Info Desk, and became cheeky when I told her that it was not business calling time (before 8h30), and a particularly busy breakfast preparation time for us.  She retorted that as I own guest houses, I should answer the calls!  The application for the card was in my personal name, and only the e-mail address referred to the guest house.  The postal address and e-mail address were included in the application, and could have been used to communicate in a less disruptive manner.  After Tweeting about the disruption, the V&A Waterfront Tweeter Emma Jackson rudely defended the action, offered no apology, and set out to purposely personally embarrass me in the Tweet.  Chantelle Cole, Executive Manager: Strategic Marketing of the V&A responded sympathetically for the first time about the regular Twitter abuse by Jackson: I’m so sorry about this, I will raise the issue with our community manager and Info Centre team”. No further communication has been received.  Annemie Liebenberg, the V&A’s head of Tourism, to whom the Info Centre reports, did not return the call about the matter.

The WhaleTales Sweet & Sour Service Awards are presented every Friday on the WhaleTales blog.  Nominations for the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be sent to Chris von Ulmenstein at info@whalecottage.com.   Past winners of the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be read on the Friday posts of this blog, and in the WhaleTales newsletters on the www.whalecottage.com website.