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Are there too many new restaurant openings in Cape Town and Winelands?: November 2017!

The explosion of restaurant openings in Cape Town and the Winelands in the last two months is a concern to many, both as restaurant lovers, in that one cannot keep up, and as restaurant owners, as there is not enough business for everyone.

Last month saw the opening of Seta at Villa 47, Le coin Français by Darren Badenhorst in Franschhoek, The Bistro and Deli at La Paris outside Franschhoek, Chef Duncan Doherty’s Eatery at Colmant in Franschhoek, and Boschendal at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch, amongst others.

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously, and welcome such news.

Restaurant Openings

#  Villa 47 has relaunched its Stuzzico and Restaurant restaurants, as SETA and Pierino Penati, respectively. The latter restaurant (photograph) has opened in conjunction with Italian Michelin star restaurant owner Chef Theo Penati. Continue reading →

Cape Town CID/Servest Sweet Service and La Playa Sour Service Awards!

CCID Whale Cottage PortfolioThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Cape Town CID and Iegshaan Jacobs of its parking operator Servest, who recently assisted me in getting my car out of the Riebeeck Square parking on Shortmarket Street.  A truck reversed out of the entrance to the parking, which meant that I had to reverse to make space for it.  I was then directed by the parking staff to enter via the exit, due to the time it took the truck. However I could not get a parking ticket from the machine without the car being at the ticket machine as well! The head staff member at the parking facility was unfriendly and unhelpful as to how to deal with the problem. I called the numbers on the shed, the Servest number just ringing (it no longer being valid, I was told Continue reading →