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imageI have rarely written about personal matters on my Blog. I am also long past formulating New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of a year. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that the universe would present me with a year of years in 2016, to top any I have ever experienced!  (more…)


I am honoured that talented brother and sister team Mari-Louis Guy (judge of Koekedoor and the forthcoming Kokkedoortjie) and Callie Maritz of Cakebread included me in their shoot for visi magazine to demonstrate the new trend of decorating cakes with flowers. I had no idea that the photographs of the six food writers Errieda du Toit, Mari-Louis Guy, Zola Nene, Samantha Woulidge, Ishay Govender-Ypma, and I would be featured in the latest issue of visi lifestyle and decor magazine.  To crown it all, an interview I did with Callie and Mari-Louis about restaurant reviewing and my favorite restaurants has just been featured on the Cakebread website.


imageOn Thursday, the final episode of Koekedoor, Corli Botha was crowned the winner of Season 2 of Koekedoor, with Wessels van Vuuren her runner-up. (more…)

imageSadly Koekedoor is coming to an end next week, and at the end of episode 12 on Thursday only two contestants were left. The ingredient which was the hero of the episode was butter, and the theme was ‘An Ode to Butter’. (more…)

imageWhereas Koekedoor Season 2 episode eight was focused on the ‘Manne’ in that baking with beer was its focus, episode ten on Thursday evening focused on women, and the milestone events for which they bake and enjoy cakes, such as baby showers, kitchen teas, and honeymoons. The four remaining contestants were lucky that none of them were eliminated in the episode. (more…)

Koekedoor 9 Swedish cakeIn episode nine of Koekedoor Season 2 only five contestantys out of the initial ten are left to fight out who the winner will be in the remaining five episodes. The second season has now reached the halfway mark, not in terms of the number of episodes, but in terms of the number of contestants that remain. Pre-prepared/convenience items available to bakers also formed the focus of the episode.  (more…)

imageEpisode six of Koekedoor Season 2 on Thursday evening was full of music, ranging from Chopsticks as an introduction, played by Koekedoor judge Tiaan Langenegger, to dramatic opera music. (more…)

imageYesterday I had the honour to get to know Koekedoor judge Mari-Louis Guy better over a 3½ hour period, first visiting the Cakebread Studio which she owns with her brother and business partner Callie Maritz. The get-together was crowned with a visit to the One & Only Cape Town, where the three of us indulged in what is my favorite Afternoon Tea in Cape Town. (more…)

imageEpisode 5 of Season 2 of Koekedoor on Thursday evening focused on the theme of Market Day, and focused on home-made pies, citrus and lemon tarts, and gourmet doughnuts.  (more…)

imageThe 4th episode of Season 2 of Koekedoor had an interesting twist, in that it was load shedding focused, the contestants not being allowed to use the electric stoves in the Koekedoor kitchen. Unusual too was that none of the eight contestants was eliminated in the episode on Thursday evening, and that one of them won the Smeg oven. (more…)