The Sweet Service Award goes to Martene at the Parkade branch of Vodacom, who helped me to find the most economical Vodacom contract package, saving a substantial amount of money, after she highlighted that I was wasting money by being on a Talk 1000 package, when I rarely use my phone to call, and use it more to send sms messages and for social media. She also helped me to subscribe to sms and data bundles, which are cheaper when bought this way, than if Vodacom just adds the cost to the invoice when one exceeds one’s monthly quota.  She was assisted by her colleague, and both were friendly and helpful, even if it was a Friday afternoon, and they had had a long and busy day.

The Sour Service Award goes to The Cameo Gallery on Church Street in Stellenbosch, and is nominated by tour operator Garth Luxton.  I have edited his lengthy nomination: Geoff Smith from Canada bought two small African drums from the owner Nana Wagner in November 2010, and paid R16000 for them, inclusive of freight. He had not received them five months later, Mrs Wagner promising that they had been sent, and refusing to cancel the transaction when requested by the client. After Garth’s involvement on behalf of the client, threatening to lay a charge of theft and fraud against the owner, and after the client paid for the freight again, the drums arrived.  Garth is frustrated that the Stellenbosch Tourism Bureau and Cape Town Routes Unlimited would not get involved, nor take action against this shop which deals with tourists, and he hopes that the Sour Award may be a warning to others.

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