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Pierino Penati Ristorante at Villa 47: Michelin-star link, Cape Town’s best fine dining restaurant now open!

Cape Town’s first Michelin-star linked restaurant has opened on the third floor at Villa 47. Pierino Penati Ristorante at Villa 47 is the sister restaurant to the one-star Michelin restaurant Pierino Penati, established seventy years ago in Brianza close to Milan in Italy. It raises the bar of fine dining in our city, and is now the best fine dining restaurant in Cape Town! Continue reading →

A salute and toast to 2016: the best year ever!

imageI have rarely written about personal matters on my Blog. I am also long past formulating New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of a year. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that the universe would present me with a year of years in 2016, to top any I have ever experienced!  Continue reading →

Italian Michelin star Chef Theo Penati brings Italian food culture to Villa 47 in aid of charity!

imageLast night I attended a Charity dinner at Locandoa at Villa 47, cooked for by Chef Theo Penati, of one star Michelin restaurant Pierino Penati in Vigano in Italy. The focus of his dinner was pork, having been brought to our city and to Villa 47 by Beretta, cured cold meat supplier to Villa 47 and to Woolworths via Rialto. Chef Theo introduced us to traditional Italian food culture. Continue reading →

Villa 47 Sweet Service and Maxwoods Framers Sour Service Awards!

Villa 47The Sweet Service Award goes to Villa 47 and its waiter Dean Moss and GM Peter Douglas. I was lucky enough to have Dean as the waiter at our table on the first time I ate there with friends, and he has served me each time of the about 20 times that I have eaten there since it opened 10 weeks ago. The dry cappuccino arrives at the table before I can think of ordering it, and he has a stapler in his apron pocket to staple the bill and credit card slip. Peter is the most friendly restaurant person I know, and nothing is too much trouble Continue reading →