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Sweet Service Award goes to Dinkel; Sour Service Award goes to Woolworths!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Dinkel Bakery and its staff member Cain, who regularly offers fantastic service. Recently he was on leave in Zimbabwe. I messaged him via Messenger, not knowing that he was on leave. He passed the message on to his Dinkel colleague, who had poppyseed rolls ready for me to collect.  Whenever I want rolls, I message him. Continue reading →

Sea Point Restaurants and Residents go out onto the street on Freedom Day!


Freedom Day is celebrated today with Restaurants on Regent Road going out onto the street, bringing their cuisine and beverages outside on a perfect weather day

An initiative of the City of Cape Town to get Capetonians back to the city, it follows similar previous events organised by the City on Bree Street and Long Street.

My friend Gary Peterson joined me on a walk along Regent Road, from Piazza da Luz up to Church Road, and back.  It was a wonderful opportunity to window shop, to shop for food as well as for clothing and other items sold by shopkeepers on the Festival strip.

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Corona Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 174 of Level 1, 23 March 2022


Wednesday 23 March 2022, Day 174 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a cool start to the day, with rain and a thunderstorm at 5h00 this morning; for preparing for client status meetings; for Minsky coming back home after her longest overnight gallivanting, being away from home for more than 24 hours, so worried about her 😻; for good meetings with newkings boutique hotel and Zest Restaurant Cape Town, with exciting projects lying ahead; for a shop at Woolies and Spar in Piazza da Luz; for the kind optometrist in the Point Mall Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 160 of Level 1, 9 March 2022


Wednesday 9 March 2022, Day 160 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a well organized working day, with little sleep last night, and starting to write at 5h30 this morning, due to Loadshedding from 8h00 – 10h30, using the ‘down time’ to pack for my trip, and compiling my Do List; for preparing for four Status meetings, meeting all my clients this afternoon; for a shop at Woolies Piazza da Luz, with good service; for dropping off my house key at Gary Peterson, meeting Gary’s nephew and his friend there, a lovely hour and a bit of relaxing and Continue reading →

Zest Restaurant introduces its new Summer Tasting Menu!


Zest Restaurant has launched its five course Summer Tasting Menu, at R295. A bread, butter and tomato jam course is a sixth bonus course. It is available from Mondays – Thursdays for Lunch and Dinner.

The Restaurant offers a five course Vegetarian menu too, at R245.

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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 157 of Level 1, 6 March 2022


Sunday 6 March 2022, Day 157 of Level 1😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a most beautiful day, at 28C, but over 30 C while I was driving 😱; for popping in for a very quick croissant breakfast at Labotessa, the word having spread in that there was no table available outside, and I was so rushed that I forgot to photograph it 😱, having received a message that the Qatar flight of my American clients was arriving 45 minutes early; for receiving a spoil gift of shampoos and soap from La Botessa owner Johan du Plessis 💙; for getting to the airport on time Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 118 of Level 1, 26 January 2022


Wednesday 26 January 2022, Day 118 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a warm day with a moderate South Easter; for getting up early and posting for my clients, and preparing for client Status meetings; for a Jason’s croissant breakfast at home with the boys; for bravely going to my gentle ophthalmologist to book two eye ops a week apart, the first on Tuesday, my first ever use of Discovery to cover any medical costs 💙 ; for a lovely Zest lunch to spoil Justin Miller on his birthday, having helped him get the job at newkings boutique hotel 💙; for good Status meetings at Zest and newkings; for a quick shop at Woolies Piazza da Luz; and for being happy, healthy and free. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 97 of Level 1, 5 January 2021


Wednesday 5 January 2022, Day 97 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a lovely day, combining work with leisure; for a longer sleep than usual, just over 7 hours; for getting my client work completed; for meeting Gary at the newly opened Cabo Beach Club , the former Shimmy, having been so badly destroyed that its interior was completely redone, but it still looks familiar, having a second birthday lunch, Gary Peterson insisting that I should be spoilt with such a generous treat 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏; for a shorter meeting today, only meeting with Zest as my newkings hotel client was ill; for fabulous service from Jared of Camps Bay Hardware, having a Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 82 of Level 1, 21 December 2021


Tuesday 21 December 2021, Day 82 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a challenge of a day, with no power in Camps Bay for 21 hours, affecting the whole Atlantic Seaboard, City centre and Bowl, and Woodstock, not knowing how long it would take to be fixed, not sure if I should sleep more, or get up and walk, my phone battery being flat already, so the first start was to get up and get my power bank from the car, so while it was charging the phone, no messages were going out and I couldn’t make calls; I fetched a gift of a shirt, biscuits and a donation Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 20 of Level 1, 20 October 2021


Wednesday 20 October 2021, Day 20 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a beautiful 29C summer day, without any wind; for an early Bakoven walk to avoid the heat of the day; for 2 Discovery Gameboard plays, allowing me to cash in on a Woolworths R100 shopping voucher; for getting my work done in preparation of the Status meetings today; for bumping into Leslie Back at Woolworths Piazza da Luz, she recognizing me, Facebook friends but we have never met ❤️; for excellent meetings at newkings boutique hotel and at Zest; for meeting two Zest diners, Rui of Portuguese descent and Marcello of Chilean descent, Rui most impressed that I Continue reading →