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Corona Virus: new emergency regulations to control excessive price hikes of most-needed food and medical supplies!


Last week fin24 wrote that the Government has announced emergency regulations to control excessive price increases of medical, food, and beverage items most needed during the Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic. Punitive fines could be levied against companies violating these regulations.  Continue reading →

Pick n Pay rolls out automated recycling machines in some of its stores, one in Camps Bay!


Having test-run two first automated recycling machines in its Waterfront store, Pick n Pay has expanded the number of stores in which it has placed its machines to three, being Camps Bay, Constantia, and its On Nicol store in Johannesburg.  This is not a minute too soon, given how much litter is generated from Pick n Pay store purchases, if Camps Bay is a sample of one. Continue reading →

SA Plastics Pact established, City of Cape Town first municipality in SA to face plastic waste and pollution!


South Africa is the first country in Africa to have joined the international The Plastics Pact, and the City of Cape Town is the first municipality in our country to have joined the South African Plastics Pact, which was established last month. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Pick n Pay; Sour Service Award goes to Discovery!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick n Pay, and its Aramex courier service, which I experienced at Pick n Pay Camps Bay yesterday. Store Manager Xoliswa assisted me in following the steps to use the courier service to send a copy of my SwitchBitch Book to a friend in Knysna. First, I had to buy a plastic pocket with the documents and courier bag at the till, at R99,99. Then I had to complete the document with sender and receiver details, and photograph it for the tracking number. Then I placed the book in the bag, kept two copies of the documents, and placed the remaining three into a pocket on the outside of the courier bag. Lastly, I slipped the parcel into a special slot at a counter as one enters the store. The Book is likely to be delivered to my friend’s door by tomorrow, an amazing Store-to-Door service!  Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Xneelo; Sour Service Award goes to Discovery Vitality!

The Sweet Service Award goes to my new web hosting company Xneelo, formerly Hetzner, and its customer and technical service teams for holding my hand during the transition from my previous web hoster. Jessica was especially patient with me in getting the size of my file reduced to meet the 15 MB limit, very kindly done for me by my friend Llewellyn Lambert, organising a time extension for this onerous task. Continue reading →

Discovery changes its Vitality member incentive and reward system once again, adds new reward partners, raises the bar!

Whilst Discovery Vitality is the most motivating system to stay healthy that I have ever experienced, it is most frustrating that it changes its rewarding of members for staying healthy ever so often. On Saturday 11 January the Discovery Vitality system changes radically again, now awarding Discovery Miles and no longer Vitality points, and demanding more effort for the same rewards. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Pick n Pay, Sour Service Award goes to ESKOM!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick n Pay Camps Bay, for supporting my Camps Bay Clean initiative to clean up the Camps Bay Beachfront by employing disadvantaged persons, offering us Garbage bags for the approximately 100 bags per day we fill with litter, at half price. The retailer’s generosity is much appreciated. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Marion Taylor Properties, Sour Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Marion Taylor Properties, and its owners estate agents Marilyn and daughter Caitlyn, who were the first and most generous Camps Bay residents in responding to my request to Camps Bay residents to support a Camps Bay Clean initiative I have launched, employing homeless persons to clean up litter on the Camps Bay Beachfront area every day over the Festive season, and carrying this through until Easter on a reduced scale. Marion’s motivation is as follows: ‘I am very happy to help and greatly appreciate your efforts and interest in our beautiful suburb. I make a living within the community and feel very happy to give back’. The company has very generously pledged a contribution of R1000 per month until Easter. 

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Pick n Pay goes ‘nude’, trials plastic-free Fruit and Vegetable shopping!

On Facebook I saw an article that attracted my interest and attention, being a proud litter cleaner in Camps Bay, about Pick n Pay trialing the use of paper bags in its fruit and vegetable departments, and selling these items loose and not pre-packaged, in 13 of its stores around the country. 

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The tide is turning, keeping the ocean clean an increasing trend!

Few of my Blog readers will know that I have taken the stream near the Camps Bay Tidal Pool under my wing, cleaning it twice a day. One piece of paper or plastic litter in a stream has made me see it all over Camps Bay, when I walk the Promenade twice a day, and sadly everywhere I go in Cape Town. I was delighted that Adidas and Parley have joined forces, to turn ocean plastic into shoes.  Continue reading →