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Waterfront Leathers Sweet Service; Bootlegger Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Waterfront Leathers, and its sales assistant Suraya Isaacs, for her excellent service in selling me a Cellini suitcase at a reasonable price. She was knowledgeable about the brand, found me a suitcase in a blue which matches a smaller suitcase I had already bought in the UK, and proactively offered to change the code on the combination lock from the standard supplier one. This was a vast difference to the poor service I received at Frasers, where the sales assistant did not want to listen to my requirements in a suitcase. 

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Restaurant Review: Bootlegger Café and Grill in Constantia offers good quality menu with variety and excellent coffee!

The Bootlegger Coffee Company has grown by leaps and bounds, opening branches not only locally but internationally too. It was a surprise therefore to read that the company had partnered with serious fine-dining Chef Eric Bulpitt of Faber at Avondale in creating Bootlegger Café and Grill in High Constantia, the home of the former very popular Greens. Continue reading →

Pick ‘n Pay Sweet and Ou Meul Bakkery Sour Service Awards!

Pick_n_Pay-logo-19A17F34E4-seeklogo.com_The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay for its super Gift Card service, which offers a 2,5% discount for purchases of Gift Cards to the value of R20000, a service most Pick ‘n Pay clients do not know about.  It does not replace the Smart Shopper card, which will be swiped for grocery purchases too.  Intended as a corporate product for companies to use in rewarding their staff, it can also be bought by anyone else spending large sums of money at the retailer, as we do to pay our municipal accounts and guest house groceries, monies we would have to spend anyway but had paid by cheque via Easy Pay in the past.  The process is simple: one requests an invoice from Pick ‘n Pay’s head office, pays the R20000 into their bank account, and then four cards are loaded with R5000 each, and the R500 discount Continue reading →