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My CitiBus Sweet Service Award; Nonna’s Food Bar Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to MyCitiBus and its kind and efficient assistant at the Queens Beach Branch in Sea Point, where I bought a MyCiti Bus card. It was a freezing cold day, which she could see, and she apologised profusely for the number of steps required in taking my payment and issuing the card. While it was a laborious process, she made it seem far shorter than it was, in her professional dealing with me.


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Heritage Western Cape Sweet Service and Clicks Sour Service Awards!

Winchester mansionsThe Sweet Service Award goes to Heritage Western Cape, for turning down an application to demolish the Winchester Mansions, an iconic 90-year old hotel on Beach Road in Sea Point. The developers wanted to rebuild a new hotel on the site, and upgrade it to a 5-star hotel. I personally have an emotional link to the hotel, having spent the first year of my life in it when it still was a block of flats, after immigrating with my parents from Germany, and also getting engaged there for nostalgic reasons many years later.


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Food and Wine Tourism new tourism marketing focus for Western Cape!

imageWesgro has announced that it is focusing on Wine and Food Tourism as ‘strategic priority’ in its 2015 – 2019 implementation plan Judy Lain, Wesgro Chief Marketing Officer, has announced. Globally Food Tourism generates $150 billion estimates the World Food Travel Association. As many as 88% of destinations in the world see Food Tourism as an important differentiating factor in defining the image of brands and destinations, and assists in fighting Seasonality and in creating jobs.

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Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay Sweet Service and BP President Motors Sour Service Awards!

Pick 'n Pay logo 2The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay and its Manager Gavin Grobler, for his assistance in the purchase of a watermelon.  The Garden’s Centre branch, which supplies our grocery requirements, did not have watermelons in stock.  I called the Camps Bay store, and received prices for whole and cut watermelons.  I told him that I would send my housekeeper Teresa to him, to buy a whole watermelon. Gavin was concerned that the watermelon was too heavy for her to carry, and sent one of his staff to carry it back to our guest house for her.  I Tweeted a thank you to Gavin and his branch, which message was passed on to him via their head office, resulting in him calling to thank me.  This excellent service came from a branch that has had a terrible service reputation in the past, prior to Gavin heading up the branch. Continue reading →

Woolworths Sweet and Google Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award  goes to Woolworths in Regent Road in Sea Point, for trusting a customer with payment for a trolley-full of groceries on the day that Woolworths had a technical problem in accepting payment by credit card.   A small sign, not visible to customers entering the store, stated that the store could only take payment in cash, which meant that most customers arrived at the till with their trollies, wanting to pay with their credit cards.   An imprint was done of the card, and the customer was asked to sign the credit card slip when next in the store, given that she is a regular shopper at the store.

The Sour Service Award goes to Google and its representative in South Africa, New Approach Marketing, based in Johannesburg.  About once a week a heavily British-accented person calls guest houses, starting with the insulting introduction to the effect of: “Hello ma’m, I am calling from Google.  Have you ever heard of our company?”.  This is enough to get one’s back up.   When one questions where they are calling from, the caller gets defensive, especially when one has a caller with such a distinctive British accent claiming to call from Johannesburg.  Any questioning of this has led to a torrent of abuse, including a lady caller, who decided to call back to add to the verbal abuse of her male colleague, by calling the recipient of the call a racist and referring to our countryfolk as “blimming South Africans”!  The call centre staff are rude, and never allow one to finish a sentence, that it would be a surprise if they sold anyone Google adwords.  A more gentle salesperson later in the day explained that New Approach Marketing is representing Google in South Africa, and can get guest houses in Hermanus in the top 10 of Google for searches on “B & B in Hermanus” and similar, in “8 – 12 weeks”, on a “no contract” basis, at the cost of R 1 300 per month + VAT + R 265 set up fee.   He explained the broad Manchester dialect in that 30 of his colleagues have come from the UK to set up a branch of the company in Johannesburg, to train South Africans to take over the call centre eventually, and will move to Perth and to Canada, to set up similar operations there.   As a company was calling on behalf of  S A Tourism a few months ago, the caller was asked if the calls are being done on behalf of S A Tourism – his diplomatic but evasive answer was “not as far as I am aware”.  The content of the call was reported to George, the manager of New Approach Marketing in Johannesburg, and he promised to investigate.   His response was that it must be a competitor company calling directly from the UK, also representing Google, that made the abusive calls!

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