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Twelve Apostles Hotel rolls out new Sushi Menu, with Sake, in its Café Grill!

On Monday I was hosted for lunch by the Twelve Apostles Hotel, invited to try its new Sushi Menu, which was launched at the beginning of this month. With Chef Sarawut Sukkowplong, previously with Nobu at the One & Only at the helm, I knew that it would be a good experience. Continue reading →

Finding fabulous food in Munich!

imageStaying in Munich for four days, I did day-time outings to what are regarded food temples of the city, including Dallmayr, Kaiser, and the Viktualienmarkt. Most impressed, others were disappointing.I certainly fell in love with tomatoes on my trip, imageand the rich red shiny stemmed tomatoes attracted not only my attention, but also that of my Facebook followers. I do not recall having seen such fresh looking and smelling tomatoes anywhere in our country. What was an even bigger surprise was the very reasonable Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Marcelino The Bakery a callback to a Zerban’s past

Marcelino The Bakery opened about a month ago, at the mountain end of Loop Street, as a big open-plan  bakery.  The owner is Marcelino Siljeur, and his mentor and colleague is Gerd Zerban, the original owner of Zerbans in Sea Point and the Garden Centre.   The bakery is already taking Cape Town by storm, with the most delectable freshly baked breads and rolls, and sweet treats, as well as for the unbelievably low prices charged.

One gives one’s age away if one admits to remembering Zerbans, which was THE coffee shop and bakery in the 1980’s, attracting patrons with a European background in particular.  Marcelino’s father worked for Zerban at that time.  Zerban sold his business to Checkers in the late Eighties, and took up a challenge from Natie Kirsch to set up eight ‘Hot & Crusty’ outlets in Manhattan.  He enjoyed the taste of New York, and then became a consultant for supermarkets in New York.   Returning to South Africa, and to Cape Town, he set up the baking side of New York Bagels in Sea Point, and there he trained Marcelino as his apprentice.   They went their separate ways, and recently decided to get together to start up Marcelino The Bakery.

Marcelino moved to Belvedere in Claremont after completing his apprenticeship with Zerban at New York Bagels, and then moved to Zambia to open a bakery. He returned to Cape Town to work at the French Confectionery, before enrolling at the Chef’s School at Zevenwacht, seeing the hospitality industry as a new challenge, and wanting a formal qualification.   He worked at the Cape Town International Convention Centre after completing his course, and then worked on the QE 2 as patissier, followed by a stint as Product Developer at Pick ‘n Pay, baker at Ille de Pain in Knysna, and at Cassis, giving him an excellent rounding in baking and pastry-making.

Marcelino is a soft-spoken generous baker and businessman, yet is with it as far as Social Media Marketing is concerned, and is already marketing his business on Twitter. 

Crispy rolls cost R1,80, and other rolls (pumpkin, hotdog, mixed seed) cost R2,50.  Croissants cost R8 plain, and R12 for those filled with chocolate, cheese or almond.   Ciabattas cost R22, French and sourdough baguettes cost R 14, 66 % rye bread R22, and a seed loaf R22.  Some of the breads are available in small sizes too, at half price.

On the sweet side, chocolate, lemon, lemon meringue, pecan and apple, and baked plum tarts cost R20, cake slices range between R12 – R20,  doughnuts cost R3,99, and cakes such as Mocha Baiser, Champagne Cake, Brandy Cake, Spanish Vanilla and the Marcelino Special cost R190.   A little more expensive are Sacher Torte, Hollander Kirsch, Pfalzer Kirsch, Swedish Apple Cake and Prinzregenten Torte.   Slices of Butterkuchen, Apfelstrudel, Zwiebelkuchen, Apple Streusel and Apricot Strudel cost R10, as do danishes.  Quiche slices cost R15 for a choice of four.    The poppy seed crispy rolls are just like those baked by a German bakery, and are a million times better than those sold by Raith in the Garden Centre.

Marcelino hopes to expand into the adjacent space in about six months, and wants to set up a restaurant section there.  Currently he has a little space at the entrance to the bakery, as well as on the pavement outside, to serve his bargain lunches, and coffee and sweet treat specials. 

Marcelino The Bakery, 210 Loop Street, Cape Town.  Tel 021 422 0168. Twitter @MarcelinoBakery. www.marcelinothebakery.com. Mondays – Fridays 6h00 – 16h00, Saturdays and Sundays 7h00 – 13h00.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com