A massive dome structure has been erected on the Camps Bay High School sport field near La Med and the Glen Country Club in Clifton, which will be used as a venue today to entertain more than 1500 VIP guests, attending the World Social Security Forum at the Cape Town International Convention Center from today until Friday, reports the Weekend Argus.  The location of the ‘superdome’ is superb, and it will be a valuable tourism marketing exercise for Cape Town.

More than ‘1000 leaders and administrators of social security institutions, policymakers, representatives of international organisations and social policy experts from more than 100 countries’ will attend, according to the newspaper.   President Zuma is said to also be attending.    The dome is 2000 square meters of covered space, 36 meter wide and 80 meter long, and took five days to erect.  It has glass doors on the ocean side, to offer the guests a wonderful view on to the Atlantic Ocean.

Last night the Cape Argus reported that the Superdome has not received the permission from the City of Cape Town to host the event.  A temporary land use departure is required to host an event on schoolgrounds.   An engineering certificate is also required, to show that the structure meets engineering and safety specifications.

POSTSCRIPT 3/12:  The Atlantic Sun reported yesterday that the cost of the Superdome Party is R4million.  The Western Cape Minister for Social Development, Patricia de Lille, declined to attend, saying “it’s a waste of money”.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com  Twitter: @WhaleCottage