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The visit by Royal Family Sussex will put Cape Town and South Africa on the map from 23 September!

Today in a week the eyes of the world will be on Cape Town and our country, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex land in Cape Town on the first day of their ten day ‘African’ tour with their baby son Archie. There is no better PR for our city and country after the black week at the beginning of this month. Continue reading →

Will Pharrell Williams be ‘Happy’ in his new association with Woolworths?

Woolworths Pharrel WilliamsWoolworths had barely announced its association with ‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams ten days ago when the retail store’s critics started questioning the rationale for the association, and encouraged Williams to reconsider his relationship. Pharrell is the new Style Director (whatever that may entail) of Woolworths!  The main question asked was why an American artist is to be used, when surely our country has an equally good role model. At a function last week a Woolworths executive explained the reason for Williams’ appointment.

To write this blogpost I Googled Woolworths and Pharrell Williams, and was Continue reading →

LifeStraw launch at Le Roi Beach Bar in Camps Bay a lifesaver!

LifeStraw product Whale CottageWhat an unusual product launch to have been invited to, and what an interesting venue for client Aqua4Life to have chosen to launch its LifeStraw water filtration product on Thursday.

When we arrived at Le Roi Beach Bar in Camps Bay, the previous one half of Blues, we saw a pack lying on the table where the media goodie bags were displayed too. Made by Vestergaard, a Swiss company, the LifeStraw is a chemical-free filter which makes contaminated water safe to drink.  The product has been tested by the SABS, and equivalent international standards bodies, and removes ‘bacteria, protozoan cysts and turbidity from water’, according to the media release we received.   Aqua4Life has the exclusive rights to selling the product in Southern African countries, which comes in three sizes: the Personal portable filters up to 1000 litres; Go (in a water bottle) filters up to 1000 litres; and Home unit filters up to 4500 litres.  Aqua4Life MD Nico Germishuizen, said: ‘We have a plethora of projects lined up for the implementation of LifeStraw in poorer communities with little or no access to any water sources. Our foremost quest in southern Africa is to save and change the lives of those most desperately in need of clean, running water. We now need role players to step up and help us change those people’s lives’.   The product appears to have been around for a number of years already, and was named by Time magazine as the ‘Best Innovation of 2005‘.  The company is partnering with Rotary International, the Red Cross, the World Health Organisation, US Aid, and our government to provide clean water to those needing it.   On the company website, I found the prices for this innovative product range: R199 for Personal, R399 for Go, and R1999 for the Home unit. Continue reading →

Cape Town tourism set to be cruising it!

Cape Town is set to become a central point of cruising in South Africa, according to MSC Cruises, which wants to make the city the home port at which its cruises start and finish, fantastic news for local tourism players.   Cruise tourism could make an important contribution to the growth of tourism to South Africa, according to the Department of Tourism.

Cruise tourism is of such importance that Minister of Tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk is commenting on it,  and said “we will work very closely with the cruise line industry to ensure that packages and excursions are developed and passengers are encouraged to visit our shores, enjoy what we have on offer and inspire other travellers to also visit South Africa.”   He encouraged the cruise line industry to take responsibility in providing quality service and infrastructure, says a report in the Weekend Argus.   A study had been conducted on cruise tourism.

MSC Cruises is the main cruise line company in southern Africa, and is planning to expand its service.  In the past the company used Durban as its home port, but the popularity of Cape Town amongst its passengers had made the company decide to move it to Cape Town on a trial basis. 

The problem with Cape Town is that it does not have satisfactory cruise tourism infrastructure in the Cape Town harbour.  Minister van Schalkwyk said that his department would consult with industry bodies as to how to “address constraints, facilitate passenger transit, encourage cruise passengers to visit port cities and the surrounding areas, and ultimately increase economic opportunities for communities in and around coastal cities.”  

MSC Cruises has brought back the MSC Sinfonia, and would be adding the MSC Melody for its southern African operation, said Stefano Vigoriti, MD of MSC Cruises in South Africa.  The company said that it would do its best to make Cape Town the centre of the local cruise industry.

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