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In the 2018 Brandz study by Kantar Millward Brown it has created a list of ten most trusted South African brands, a list which includes mainly food products, the 75 year old KOO one of these and right at the top on Trust, and the very new online shopping brand Takealot.com, already ranked third.  None of the country’s largest value brands appear on the top trusted brand list.  (more…)

The Sweet Service Award goes to Takealot.com for its amazing efficient service. I am a very new online shopper, and awarded the company a Sweet Service Award for my previous shopping experience with them. I ordered the DVD ‘Walking the Camino’ via their service, and was notified that it would only be available by the end of May, given that they had to order it in. Two weeks ahead of the delivery date I was notified that the DVD was available for collection. We were very impressed (more…)