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The Sweet Service Award goes to Isabella Page of The Hair Company in Sea Point, my hairdresser of almost three years. I met Isabella when she was referred to me by Anita Farr, when I complimented her on her hairstyle. Isabella was instrumental in shaping my hair look and style during my transformation, an important part of looking and feeling good. She has recently opened The Hair Company with Linnea Campabasso, operating from the 3rd floor on the Sea Point Medical Centre. Isabella invited me to visit her new salon for a cut and blow, which I timed to be just before the launch party of Cowboys & Cooks Steakhouse & Bar, but was in a scheduled load shedding time slot. There was no power cut (more…)

The Sweet Service Award goes to The Dairy Den in Sea Point, a unique outlet selling the best ice creams as well as doughnuts. I try to restrict myself to one ice cream a week, but had not tried the doughnuts, when I met owner Tassia for the first time, introducing myself and congratulating her on how well run the outlet is, compared to a shaky start, which I had communicated to her telephonically. She insisted that I try a doughnut on the house, a delicious chocolate coated one with hundreds and thousands. (more…)

imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Heritage Day/National Braai Day joint Checkers and Uber promotion yesterday, whereby a 1 kg pack of Checkers Boerewors was delivered to one’s home by Uber, at a charge of R60 to one’s Uber account. The delivery was made in an unbelievable delivery time of seven minutes from placing the order via the Uber App! (more…)

Le ChocolatierOne cannot get more notorious than being featured in Noseweek (July 2015 issue), and to have a Facebook group created about one’s business. Such an ‘honour’ has been bestowed upon Daniel Waldis, owner of Le Chocolatier, who has operated in Franschhoek, now in Stellenbosch, and with a factory in Paarl!

I first met Waldis at his restaurant in Franschhoek, after I had written a less than complimentary review of it. He was (more…)

12 Apostles buildingThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Twelve Apostles Hotel and its GM Horst Frehse and Housekeeping Manager Laaiqah Raven, for their collegiality in lending us some duvet inners and bed linen when we needed to make up twin bed rooms for a group of UK wine sales representatives staying at Whale Cottage recently.  The hotel did not charge (we have heard that this is a practice of the Mount Nelson Hotel), and the collection and return was very efficient. (more…)

Kamersvol stand Whale Cottage PortfolioThe Sweet Service Award goes to KAMERS (originally called Kamers vol Geskenke when first launched 10 years ago) and Anida van der Spuy, for her invitation to attend the lifestyle, decor and food show at Webersburg last week.  It was not too busy on the Friday afternoon, making it a pleasure to move from one marquee to the next, and buy something to taste along the way.  Kamersvol Yellowtail Whale Cottage PortfolioEvery space was used, even the wine tasting centre had stands.  Anida introduced me to talented chef Wynand van Rooyen, who used to work at Planet Restaurant, and was Sunday Times Chef of the Year 2011. He had just returned from a stage at Frantzen in Stockholm, the 12th best restaurant in the world.  He had a pop-up restaurant at the event, called The Flying Boar. I was impressed with his beautifully plated (more…)

TELKOM logoThe Sweet Service Award goes to TELKOM, who fixed an ADSL fault at our Whale Cottage Camps Bay at the exchange within three hours of reporting the fault via the internet fault report service, without having to come to the guest house.   SMS and e-mail messages were sent to communicate the progress of the fault repair, making it an efficient process.  The TELKOM sms process requested feedback as to one’s satisfaction with the repair. (more…)

Pick_n_Pay-logo-19A17F34E4-seeklogo.com_The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay, for their efficient Twitter service.  As the telephone number of the Camps Bay store had changed and is not provided by the Telkom voice which informs that the old number is no longer valid, I Tweeted the retailer, and received the new number within ten minutes!  The Camps Bay store has a new manager Grant Ross, and the store’s service has improved greatly since he took over, it previously having been one of the worst managed stores in the group.  Earlier this week I bought an sms bundle for a member of staff, but had been given a MTN data voucher, which my colleague put into the phone, not realising the error made by the Pick ‘n Pay till operator. Grant kindly replaced the data bundle with an sms bundle voucher. (more…)

Mercedes BenzThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Culemborg branch of Mercedes Benz, and its Workshop Manager Dean Guimaraes and the Service Bookings Clerk Karen October, for their excellent service in getting an oil leak and a problem with the roof opening and closing mechanism repaired.  Something that I feared would cost a few thousands, for the roof problem in particular, cost just under R1000.  Karen kept me up to date throughout, and ensured that the car did not have to stay at the workshop overnight for more than one day. This is not the first Sweet Award for this branch. (more…)

If there was a good day for a bad internet connection day, then yesterday could have been one of those, given that it was a day after a public holiday and the day before a weekend, meaning that fewer people were at the office to send e-mails and to Facebook, Tweet, or Blog.

Early yesterday morning the first Tweets complained about the slow internet connection, especially to international websites such as Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and Google. E-mail sending and receiving were also affected.

A call to M-Web was answered by an automated message, informing its users that a SEACOM cable had broken under the ocean alongside Egypt, that TELKOM engineers are working on the problem, and that M-Web would try to divert communication traffic to alternate cables.  It also promised that the communication would gradually improve over the course of the day. However, it seemed to get worse, and by last night there was no visible improvement in e-mail downloads (all gmail and hotmail addresses would  have been affected as well as e-mail addresses linked to websites hosted on American or other foreign servers).

In Tweets last night M-Web apologised for not having the service up and running again, but promised to have it fixed by today!  The company was criticised for its poor communication of the problem, only reacting to Tweets once asked, but not sending regular Tweets proactively to explain the problem, which would have affected almost every internet user in the country.  M-Web could have also e-mailed its clients about the problem, its @mweb and @iafrica e-mails not having been affected.

We apologise to all guests and other e-mail senders who did not receive a same-day reply from us – we did not receive any e-mails yesterday as a result of the cable breakdown.  We will try to catch up as quickly as possible today.

POSTCRIPT 25/3: We have just received the very disturbing e-mail from M-Web, the first since the cable broke on Friday morning, stating that it could take another two weeks for the cable to be repaired! :

‘Dear MWEB Customer

The Seacom cable, which provides a significant portion of our international capacity, has been damaged off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea. Early indications are that it may take up to two weeks to repair the break and restore full capacity. We also have capacity on the WACS cable, which runs up the west coast of Africa, and this is currently able to meet about 45% of our total needs. As a result, most international services will be degraded. We are in ongoing discussions with various operators to secure additional capacity to meet our total requirements until such time as the Seacom cable is fully operational again. We will keep you updated of any changes to this situation via e-mail, our Facebook page and twitter’.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com Twitter: @WhaleCottage