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If Social Media Marketing performance is anything to go by, the World Cup is an outstanding success.

Twitter has shown record usage since the start of the World Cup on 11 June, often crashing due to overload when a World Cup match is underway, fans of a particular team egging on their players to do better, or to praise them for a good performance.  Twitter has a “fail-whale” sign when it is over-capacity.

If the Whale Cottage Portfolio WhaleTales blog is anything to go by, then the blogosphere has reached record heights.  With steadily climbing unique readership of about 30 000 per month, the current unique readership for the first 21 days in June is already at 84025, meaning that the total for June could be close to 120 000, an unprecedented performance.   The unique readership peaked on the opening day of the World Cup on 11 June, at a record 8182.   Of the stories that have been written on our blog to date, the following posts have been the most widely read this month, proving that the World Cup dominates interest over any other topic, such as restaurant reviews:

               1.  Cape Town Restaurant Winter Blues specials

               2.  Table Mountain only SA new 7wonders nominee

               3.   World Cup 2010 FIFA flop

               4.   FIFA Ticket Collection Sweet and Good Food & Wine Show Sour Awards

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              10.  World Cup puts SA into focus, some bad, most good 

Tags (blog-speak for keywords) too are of interest, and reflect the world’s focus on the World Cup, and the following were most used tags, connecting Google and other search engine users to the Whale Cottage Portfolio website:

               1.   USA Today

               2.   Minister of Tourism

               3.   World Cup 2010

               4.   Confederations Cup

               5.   Fan parks

               6.   Grant Thornton (the tourism consultancy that did forecasts of World Cup attendance)

              7.    Ivanka Trump (who spent her honeymoon in the Cape earlier this year)   

              8.   Vuvuzela

              9.   2010

              10.  Prince William (attended the England versus Algeria game)

Ten days ago the Whale Cottage Portfolio Whale Tales Blog was registered with www.amatomu.com for  the first time, a Top SA Blogsites site measuring web traffic.   The growth in traffic has moved the Whale Cottage Portfolio Blog to the top 20 list, being in 16th position of all blogs in South Africa today.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com

FIFA has announced that South Africa’s favourite soccer noisemaker, the plastic vuvuzela “trumpet”, will not be banned for the 2010 World Cup, despite heavy criticism of the noise it makes from journalists and players currently attending the Confederations Cup games in South Africa.

Blatter has agreed that it is a noisy instrument, but said:  “But that is what African and South African football is all about – noise, excitement, dancing, shouting and enjoyment.   When we go to South Africa, we go to Africa.   It is noisy.   It is something else than in the rest of the world.”

Spanish star Xabi Alonso said:”That trumpet?  It is not nice.   I think Fifa should ban it.  It’s not really distracting, but it’s not a nice sound to hear”, reports The Times.   Alonso was reacting to the vuvuzelas used at Bloemfontein stadium, where its usage is said to have been “restrained” compared to at other stadia at which the Confederations Cup games are being played.  

Brazilian Robinho complained about the noise, saying that he could not hear the instructions from his coach when they played the United States.

A soccer fan was quoted by USA Today in saying that the vuvuzela is “a part of my life”.  Another said: “This is our voice.  We sing through it”!  

Spanish Santi Cazorla said:”It’s true that they make a lot of noise, but we’ll just have to get used to them”.