Department of Home Affairs Sweet Service and KFC Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to the Department of Home Affairs in Caledon, and Sonia, Crystal and Yneatte in particular, and is nominated by David Snoek:” Joan-Anne and I set out to renew Joani’s passport at The Dept. of Home Affairs in Caledon this morning. On arrival, we were greeted with an empty parking area and more than adequate signage welcoming visitors. We entered the offices and were welcomed by a very stern and official looking man at the door and 3 delightful ladies behind the counter. We were the only customers in the entire building and were ‘gobsmacked’. Such a difference from what we have being subjected to on TV. After arriving and completing the required documents, Joani and I were out of there in less than 10 minutes. This is the quality service we appreciate from a Government Department. PS What struck me was the friendly manner in which we were received! Totally Awesome”!  Dave wrote subsequently, to feed back that the passport was received within one week, unbelievable service.

The Sour Service Award goes to KFC in Robertson, and is nominated by Simon Bernstein: “How the South African Consumer is being ripped off. My wife and I decided to have some KFC last night as we have not had any for a very long time. We ordered 9 pieces of chicken no chips, salad or cool drinks just chicken. The cost was R94-90 that is over R10-00 for a piece I could understand this cost if you received decent pieces. Our nine pieces included 2 wings, 2 drum sticks, 2 quarter breasts with cartilage 1 rib cage area and 2 thighs so not even a whole chicken. I’m in the hospitality business and an acceptable practice is to carve a whole chicken into 8 pieces2 wings, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs and 2 whole breasts why can KFC not conform to this? I’m paying R21-00 from my supplier for a whole bird I’m sure with your buying power as a group you get it cheaper than that. Considering we did not even get a whole bird your cost must be around R15-00 for the chicken. Add in the other costs like oil, gas and spices which can be no more thanR4-00 you get a total cost of R19-00. Take off the vat on R94.90 is R83-25 the cost ex vat R16-66 you get a food cost of 20% the industry norm in the food business is between 32-38% please explain to me how you justify the additional 18%!!!!! The selling price should have been R49.95 ex vat with vat R57-00 that would still give you an acceptable GP to pay wages, rent and whatever other operating cost you have. It should relate to around a 12% NP. Once again please justify for me how you can over me R37.90 over what should have being charged. To further illustrate how much you are overcharging. My wife also ordered 8 zinger wings cost R22-50. This works out to R2-81 per wing totally acceptable to me take off the vat 2.46 on a selling price working to a normal food cost of 33% the cost would be: 9 pieces : 2 wings R1.62, 2 drum sticks slightly more than a wing R2.86, 2 Quarter breasts R4.39, 1 rib cage no real meat just bone R2.21, 2 thighs R5.39, Total cost R16.67 industry norm mark up R49.41 plus vat R56.32. So both calculations show how you are almost charging double as what the norm is. A family could come to my café eat a wholesome freshly made meal with salad and it would cost them less than to eat KFC. I feel it is high time that big brands start to justify their costs to the consumer”.
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3 replies on “Department of Home Affairs Sweet Service and KFC Sour Service Awards!”

  1. Emma says:

    Simon just illustrated perfectly why no one should be eating at a place like KFC at all!* The chicken served is a high yield, low quality bird, that’s pumped full of brine, so you’re actually getting even less protein for your money. Not to mention the growth hormones, etc. If one is looking for ‘fast food’ there are so many other options these days that there really is no excuse for paying so much and getting so little!

    *It’s not my intention to single out KFC here, as there are many other food chains that are just as guilty!

  2. Brandon Nel says:

    Would be interested in Simon’s views on the mark up on a cup of tea!

  3. Realist says:

    In first world countries like the US and the UK, a wing and a drum stick is not considered a piece at the KFC branches there. They do sell them but at a discount. Here in SA, these smaller pieces are passed off as the same size a a breast portion. Why? Because South Africans are too dumb to see this and vote with their feet.

    I would rather go and buy a full roast free range chicken at Woolworths for R55 and know what I am paying for.

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