Nedbank Sweet and TELKOM Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Carol of the George regional branch of NEDBANK, for organising the delivery of credit card imprint forms two hours after the order had been placed with the Call Centre,  after the bank had closed its doors.  The Nedbank Call Centre promised a delivery time of three days, and it took 12 minutes to speak to  Samiema to place the order for the forms.    She continuously placed the caller on hold.    When given the merchant name of ‘Whale Cottage Plettenberg Bay’, she asked which town it is in!   But Carol saved the day, and showed excellent responsiveness and customer care with the same-day, after-hours delivery. 

The Sour Service Award of the Year goes to TELKOM for causing extreme customer aggravation.     For two months Whale Cottage Camps Bay was without the ADSL service, after it had applied for the ADSL line to be moved to a different and existing Whale Cottage telephone line in the same building.   Over a two month period the TELKOM officials in the ADSL call centre and in the TELKOM shop in Sea Point gave a variety of reasons for the service not working, including that the line had been cut, and that there was a line fault and a cable fault.    When Whale Cottage called in a computer consultant, he found the simple solution – the ADSL line had not been verified, something no TELKOM staff member had asked in the 2 month period at all!   After 20 minutes, the ADSL service was working again.   Not only did this severely inconvenience the Whale Cottage Camps Bay guests, but it also cost Whale Cottage the purchase of  a 3 G card, so as to offer the Whale Cottage guests an internet service on the Whale Cottage laptop in the interim.

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