Rondevu Limousines Sweet and Sandown Motors Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Rondevu Limousines, for offering Whale Cottage a special rate to fetch its staff in Camps Bay and drive them to the city centre, to a special farewell function for its two trainees Li-Ping Zhang and Alana Brown, who have spent the past six months at Whale Cottage, and return to their studies.   The stretch limo turned heads on its journey, and gave all the staff a thrill.   An hour after the delivery an sms was received, to check customer satisfaction.


The Sour Service Award goes to Sandown Motors Western Cape.   The company sent a Mercedes Benz owner an invitation to an Easter Breakfast with the headline  ” It’s the season to hug bunnies”.   The e-mail contains an invitation to a scrumptious Easter breakfast this Saturday, with an update of what is happening at Mercedes Benz.    When one replies to the invitation, the Easter menu has a price tag of R 45 on it.    The price of the breakfast was not initially mentioned in the “invitation”   To “invite” customers to a function, and then charge for it, leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

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