World Cup 2014We are on the eve of the closure of what many describe as the greatest World Cup, and tonight the world will see Germany and Argentina fight for the title of World Cup Champion.

An interesting survey was conducted, to establish which were the best advertisements made for the 2014 World Cup, by interviewing top advertising industry executives in the USA.   These were the brands that were rated as having the best TV commercials, most of them closely linked to the world’s best soccer stars:

1.   Brazil: as a host country it was described as a ‘proud country being the perfect host’, in its welcoming nature to the soccer fans, and its team losing with such good spirit in the semi-final against Germany earlier this week

2.   Adidas trainers:  Using the pay-off line ‘all in or nothing’, the latest commercial is called The Final‘, and it predominantly focuses on the Final tonight, with Lionel Messi and Thomas Müller.  It asks who wants the World Cup more, with ‘two teams, one trophy’.  TheWake Up Call’ commercial was posted on YouTube on 12 June, at the start of the World Cup, and already has in excess of 7 million views!  It focuses on Argentinian Lionel Messi preparing on his own, with less airtime give to Bastian Schweinsteiger, representing the German team.  The commercial shows excerpts of a number of the earlier matches, and some of the soccer greats in action, including Mesut Özil scoring for Germany, Manuel Neuer defending so boldly for Germany, as well as Luis Suárez of Argentina, and Dani Alves of Brazil.

3.  Adidas Brazuca ball:  This commercial was launched in December last year, achieving 4,7 million views.  It is less focused, contrasting kicking the new Adidas design ball on a Brazilian beach with kicking it on soccer fields, showing a lot of Spanish players (incorrect prediction), some German players (including German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer catching the ball), but Lionel Messi in the main.  The same ‘all in or nothing‘ pay-off line is used.

4.   Nike:  The ad is messy, and is long at over 4 minutes, with a weak storyline of young soccer players imaging themselves to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, and David Luiz.  The pay-off line is ‘Winner Stays’.  Judged to be the weakest ad.   Unbelievably it has achieved in excess of 86 million views on YouTube since April 2014.

5.   McDonalds:  This fun ‘Gol‘ commercial has been seen a number of times, and grows on one.  It has about 6 million views, since it was posted on YouTube in May.  It shows good ball kicking skills from young boys into an apartment window, onto a church bell, into a basket on an escalator, over a bridge onto a truck, into a basket on a cement mixer, a girl doing footwork, as does an old man.

6.  Beats by Dre stereo headphones:  this ‘Game before the Game’ commercial  was mentioned most often as the best,World Cup Beats by Dre Neymar and is almost completely focused on Neymar, who receives advice from what must be his father in preparation for the next match, listening to his music on the headphones, as does Bastian Schweinsteiger, and one or two more players.  This 5 minute commercial has been seen by 23 million viewers on YouTube.  The commercial has caused controversy as it uses guerrilla marketing in featuring the soccer stars, contravening FIFA’s rules, given that Sony is the official sponsor.

In 24 hours the World Cup will be history. If Germany wins, the strong focus of the commercials featuring Lionel Messi will date quickly, and new ones may be created to reflect the German team’s many soccer stars!  Having been produced more than a month or longer ago, the TV commercials predicted Lionel Messi and Neymar as winners of the World Cup.  We already know they were wrong as far as Neymar goes.  Soon we’ll know how accurate they were about Lionel Messi!

POSTSCRIPT 14/7: Germany has won the 2014 Soccer World Cup!

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: WhaleCottage