Restaurant Review: Doubleshot Coffee Bar in Plett is a double shot of fresh food and service!


imageI was bowled over on arrival at Doubleshot Coffee Bar yesterday morning, when co-owner Sue Dalzell welcomed me back and asked if I would like my favorite dry cappuccino, especially as I have not been there in 18 months! 10/10 for service excellence!

Doubleshot had become a favorite when the previous owners, two German sisters, first opened the Coffee Bar about six years ago, in a tucked-away space near the Checkers entrance. An advantage of its location is that it is close to the Checkers undercover parking area, making it easy to park and have a coffee. Do not expect to see any signage for it on the Main Road however. More than four years ago the sisters wanted to sell, imageand carefully screened the new owners, not just accepting any offer, wanting the new owners to be as passionate about Doubleshot as they had been.  They chose three sisters Alison Brebner, Sue Dalzell, and Lesley Rankin, who have made a fantastic success of the Coffee Bar. Sue and Alison are in the photograph, Lesley having arrived at Doubleshot after I took the photograph.

It is rare to see siblings get on so well that they choose to not only live in the same town, but also are in business together. They co-owned a restaurant in Johannesburg, Lesley went to Durban for a while to run an accommodation establishment, and twenty years ago Alison opened Laird’s Lodge outside Plettenberg Bay. Sue has a villa in Plettenberg Bay, which she rents out with staff and all, and is also an accomplished artist, her Jellyfish painting adorning the Coffee Bar wall (in the main photograph). Lesley does a lot of the baking, while Alison focuses on making the Banting cakes and treats, being very conscious of sugar, carbohydrates, and other alien ingredients that can endanger her diabetes.

imageWhat makes the Coffee Bar so special is the presentation of the cakes, quiches, tarts, and sandwiches, each item marked on a mini blackboard and the price added. Flowers are used to add a romantic touch to the display of the Treat Buffet. When an item runs out, as happened to the Carrot Cake, the space is filled with small vases of flowers, and the name board removed. Every day a new combination of items is prepared for the Buffet. Some of the imageitems selected come from a roster, but also are influenced by the availability of ingredients. Yesterday they had access to plums, for example, hence plum tarts formed part of the selection.

Yesterday the Treat Buffet contained the following:

#   Monster sandwich with avocado added before it is brought to the table (R60)

#   Ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich (R50)

#   Baked cheesecake (R30)

#   Florentines (R20)

#   imageWheat- and sugar-free Banting cheesecake (R30)

#   Quiches (bacon and vegetarian) R30

#   Scones (R30)

#   Plum tart (R30)

#   Pear Tarte tatin (R30)

#   Mint wheel without sugar, wheat, or dairy (R30)

#   Mud pies (R30)

#   Cinnamon and apple muffin (R30)

#   Marmalade cake (R30)

#   Birchers Müsli with fresh fruit (R40)

#   Peach compote and Greek yoghurt, topped with a rose petal (R35)image

#   Bacon and egg sandwich (R35)

#   Chocolate brownies (R20)

Doubleshot’s coffee comes from Espresso Lab in Cape Town, and is a special blend of 50% Brazilian, 25% Columbian, and 25% Ethiopian, the latter giving the coffee a citrus flavour, which becomes more pronounced when it is humid. A vanilla flavour is more pronounced in the coffee in colder weather. Sue told me proudly that they have a Kees van der Westin coffee machine. Alison does the Facebook posting for Doubleshot, and we are Facebook friends, but had never met. I loved it that she took the trouble to come to Doubleshot, and we had a long chat.

The only irritation about Doubleshot is that they only take payment in cash, when one is so used to paying everywhere else by credit card. The early closing time forces one to get to Doubleshot in the mornings. Wifi is free of charge. The fresh Treats as well as exceptional service make a shot at Doubleshot a must!

Doubleshot Coffee Bar, The Square Lifestyle Centre, Checkers Centre, Main Road, Plettenberg Bay. Tel (044) 533-0842  Twitter: @DblshotPlett Monday – Friday 7h15 – 14h00, Saturday 7h15 – 13h00.

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