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SA Butler Academy pleads ‘guilty’ to criticism by Belgian International Butler School, without having been named!


The SA Butler Academy (SABA) appears to be digging a bigger and bigger hole for itself, its latest faux pas being responding to an article written by the head of the Belgian School for Butlers and Hospitality Vincent Vermeulen.

The plight of former Singaporean SABA student Lin Yang, who was expelled from the Academy but cannot get her course fees and legal fees refunded, has made waves in South Africa after her story was told on Carte Blanche almost two months ago. The bottom line of the program was the dishonest claims made by SABA in its marketing of the Academy, its courses, and the misleading experience and qualifications of its Head Newton Cross, much of it found to be untruthful. I joined Yang in the program, having first written about the dishonest Marketing of SABA in 2013, the article still ranked on the first page of Google when searching ‘SA Butler Academy’.

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Panic appears to be setting in at the SA Butler Academy in reaction to Carte Blanche program and student legal action!


On 27 December 2020 Carte Blanche broadcast its program about the South African Butler Academy (SABA), featuring former student Lin Yang, who has taken on SABA to get her money refunded, and to prevent potential Butler students from being misled by SABA. I was interviewed too, having identified in 2013 already that the marketing of SABA is misleading its prospective students and their parents.

I  summarised the interaction between SABA and myself, and between SABA and Lin Yang just after the Carte Blanche program was broadcast:

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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 99 of Level 1, 28 December 2020.


Monday 28 December 2020, Day 99 of Level 1, Day 278 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a deep but too short sleep; for getting into writing mode early, doing my first ever sponsored posts for my client which all went well, being slightly nervous; for a lovely morning tea and Xmas cake treat with Gary Peterson, airdropping the video he did of the Carte Blanche program to my phone, watching it with him; for receiving a detailed timeline breakdown of everything which Singaporean Lin Yang has been through with the SA Butler Academy, in time for me to add it into my Blogpost about the Carte Blanche program of last night; for all the lovely compliments about the program; for a quick walk to Bakoven, where there was lots of litter to clean up, the same applying to Camps Bay later this afternoon, looking terrible with all the litter in the Tidal Pool area; for a quick drop in by Emma, bringing me a gift of inflatable solar lights; and for being healthy but tired. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Carte Blanche exposes SA Butler Academy Marketing deception, first exposed on WhaleTales Blog in 2013!


Seven years ago I wrote a story about the South African Butler Academy, and its marketing deception, having had the poor experience of employing one of its Butler graduates in my Whale Cottage Camps Bay, which I owned at the time. Yesterday Carte Blanche took up the story, highlighting my story of seven years ago, as well as that of Lin Yang, a Singaporean student, who was expelled from the Academy a year ago for being late one morning, and who is unable to get her money back. Once again, the deceptive marketing of the SA Butler Academy was evident when its management was interviewed by Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts. Continue reading →