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Number of Restaurants open for Sit-Down Service in Cape Town and Winelands grows to over 300!


On Monday 30 June restaurants were allowed to reopen for Sit-Down Service, after having only been allowed to offer a Food Delivery service from May, and a Food and Alcohol Delivery and Collection Service from June onwards.

Last week I posted a List of Restaurants offering a Sit-Down Service, in addition to the Facebook Group which I created of Restaurants offering Food and Alcohol Delivery and Collection. The List I posted had over 100 restaurants. I have been updating the List, and am posting an update today, with 315 restaurants on the updated List.

The majority of restaurants offering a Sit-Down service will continue offering a Food and Alcohol Delivery and/or Collection Service. Continue reading →

Cape Town & Winelands Restaurants offering a Lockdown Delivery and/or Collection Service, and Alcohol Sales, grows to over 500!


Just before the beginning of May I created a Facebook Group ‘Lockdown Restaurant Food Deliveries Cape Town and Winelands’, since amended to add Collections to its name too.  Initially during May the restaurants listed were offering Deliveries only, in line with Lockdown Level 4 regulations, but since 1 June restaurants are allowed to offer a Collection Service as well as Alcohol Sales, in line with Lockdown Level 3 regulations. The Facebook Group has close to 4500 members.  Continue reading →

Corona Virus Lockdown: Chef Luke Dale Roberts enters Food Delivery market, with very high-end up to R5000 Gourmet Hampers!


From posting amateurish food preparation videos in his home kitchen at the beginning of Level 5 Lockdown, Chef Luke Dale Roberts is stepping up his game, entering the Food Delivery market as of 9 May, with a high-end Gourmet Hamper offering choice, making him the most expensive Delivery offering by far, bizarre in a time when every family is tightening its belts, given the economic catastrophe which the Corona Virus Lockdown is causing in our country. Continue reading →