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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 41 of Level 1, 10 November 2021


Wednesday 10 November 2021, Day 41 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏 

#grateful for a smooth flowing working morning, preparing for two Status meetings; for gaining 2 Discovery Gameboard plays, and 370 Miles, as well as a Woolies R100 voucher; for a successful call to Discovery to assist me in getting the Woolies voucher number as I’d forgotten to add it to my wallet, and for correcting an error when Discovery charged me 900 Miles for the voucher and not 750, as they have done for the past year; for a mini Pedi at Sorbet in The Point Mall, and seeing the Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 44 of Level 1, 13 April 2021


Tuesday 13 April 2021, Day 44 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for the perseverance in spending almost all day writing the lengthy Review of the new Grand Pavilion, at which Gary Peterson and I ate yesterday; for a quick walk to Pick n Pay to post my SwitchBitch book to TJ Strydom, he writing the Koos Bekker biography; for a quick shop at Woolies, where the Wifi didn’t work, but one of the Manager gave me a Wifi hotspot from his phone 🙏; for a spontaneous small Pedi at Sorbet, having a gap; for early dinner at Anatoli Turkish Restaurant with Katie Friedman, to try its Restaurant Week Menu, running until 2 May; for the surprise in bumping into Jürgen Muess once again at the restaurant (Donoven Hammond Gloy can you believe this?) and for a Facebook Friend Sarie Spryt from the Garden Route dining there too and recognizing me 😱; for getting home just before Loadshedding started; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →