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SA Butler Academy gets a Karma klap, Website not accessible! Marketing dishonesty continues!


The SA Butler Academy cannot stay out of the news. For all its dishonesty towards its students and their future employers, as well as disparagement of its critics like myself and international Butler author and writer Steven Ferry, it may be good news that its website is out of action, a possible Karmic payback!

It must be a devastating blow to the Academy, so focused on trying to keep me off the Google Top 10 list when one Googles its name, my 2013 Blogpost about its dishonesty still ranked third!

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Corona Virus, Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 38 of Level 1, 7 April 2021.


Wednesday 7 April 2021, Day 38 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a lovely sunny 23C day; for an up and down day, luckily more up; for getting my writing work done in time before meeting with my client, he having the tea and shortbread ready when I arrived, being on the same wavelength as I on a number of decisions which needed to be made; for a lovely walk to the Camps Bay Tidal Pool with Vivian Warby, savouring the beautiful sunset; for (only) one Discovery Gameboard play, not receiving an Insure one for my poor driving score on my last Stellenbosch trip 😱; for a fabulously efficient Takealot order delivery, the perfection of online ordering; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

SA Butler Academy continues its lies to its students and future employers, and now hides its disparagement of its critics on its website!


Last week I was alerted by Lin Yang, the Singaporean student who managed to interest Carte Blanche in doing a story on the SA Butler Academy (SABA), about a revolutionary change in the Academy’s website, a 180 degree turnaround in how it has dealt with anyone brave enough to write anything critical about it!

In addition, about two weeks ago I happened to look at the SABA website, and found a page motivating why Butler students should study at the Academy, once again riddled with errors and lies!  Continue reading →

Panic appears to be setting in at the SA Butler Academy in reaction to Carte Blanche program and student legal action!


On 27 December 2020 Carte Blanche broadcast its program about the South African Butler Academy (SABA), featuring former student Lin Yang, who has taken on SABA to get her money refunded, and to prevent potential Butler students from being misled by SABA. I was interviewed too, having identified in 2013 already that the marketing of SABA is misleading its prospective students and their parents.

I  summarised the interaction between SABA and myself, and between SABA and Lin Yang just after the Carte Blanche program was broadcast:

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