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Africa not supporting World Cup

Fewer than 2 % of the World Cup tickets have been sold to African countries other than South Africa, reports the Cape Times.   FIFA’s goal of making the World Cup an “African World Cup” has not been met to date.

Of the total of 2 million tickets sold to date, only 11 500 have been sold to other African countries.   This is viewed as a “dismal” performance by Tembi Tichaawa, a researcher at the Walter Sisulu University.   He blames the complicated FIFA World Cup ticket purchasing procedure for the poor sales. “Technology has failed Africans” he is reported to have said.  

The highest sales to African countries have been to soccer fans in Mocambique, Botswana and Kenya, at about 1 500 tickets sold in each of these countries.   Poor internet connections and lack of credit card ownership are said to stand in the way of ticket purchases from Africa, and Ticaawa reacted as follows: “The high technology method of selling tickets needs to be urgently looked at by Fifa.  The emphasis should have been on African fans.  For us here we go to a ticket box, but that is not the case with the World Cup”.

South African  soccer fans lead ticket sales, at 790 000, followed by the USA (116 765), the United Kingdom (68 213) and Germany (30 974).

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com