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City of Cape Town, Government, and UCT join forces during Corona Lockdown to research Beach Litter!



I have become a Litter fiend, since moving back to Camps Bay two years ago, picking up litter on my walks along the Beachfront in the suburb. It was therefore interesting to read a study conducted during Lockdown in late April 2020 by students of the University of Cape Town, evaluating the volume, origin of, and type of litter on three Cape Town beaches, two in the Muizenberg area, and the other at Milnerton. The study was conducted in conjunction with the City of Cape Town and the SA Government. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Standard Bank; Sour Service Award goes to UCT Summer School!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Standard Bank Sea Point and its Manager Colleen Sampson, for assisting me in receiving my interest payment on a fixed deposit, due on the first of the month, which took until 4 January to be paid with the help of her intervention. She was feisty in dealing with her colleagues in the bank’s IT Department, demanding immediate rectification of the computer glitch which had caused the problem. 


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Cape Town’s oldest restaurant at Constantia Nek transformed into vibey La Parada and Harbour House!

imageConstantia Nek has been a famous halfway stop and tea room, first operating in 1929. It is by far the oldest restaurant in Cape Town, and its recent transformation into La Parada and Harbour House has rejuvenated Constantia Nek, and has given the building a new lease on life, making it the social centre of Constantia.

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