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Corona Virus: Cancellations of events and temporary closures of Tourist venues and restaurants!

South Africans are still reeling after hearing the speech broadcast by President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday evening in how the government is implementing measures from today onwards in combatting and containing the Corona Virus in our country, with drastic consequences for every one of us, including every business. News of the first event cancellations and temporary restaurant closures is being announced already. Continue reading →

Cape Town water supply Day Zero estimate was extended by two months, to 13 May 2018, now reduced to 3 May!

Yesterday I attended the launch of a water saving awareness campaign initiated in the heart of Cape Town by Urban Lime, on Church Square. Mayor Patricia de Lille announced that the City of Cape Town’s recent forecast of an extension of the water supply ‘Day Zero’ by two months, to 13 May, has been amended to 3 May 2018, given an increase in water consumption during the recent rain.  Continue reading →

Bertus Basson @ The Ritz to turn heads in Sea Point from 15 November!

the-ritz-buildingSea Point is to get a shake-up when the newly renovated The Ritz hotel opens its doors to its first guests on 1 November, and the revolving restaurant and champagne bar at the top of the Ritz open their doors on 15 November. The Ritz hotel and restaurant have become part of the Shimmy Luxury Collection. Continue reading →

Green Point will become more green!

The last phase of the Cape Town Stadium building project is the completion of the park surrounding the stadium, and should be completed in about five weeks, according to the City of Cape Town Director of 2010 Operations’ Dave Hugo, reports the Atlantic Sun.

The “urban park”, as the City refers to it in what has been known as the Green Point Common, will consist of the new 9-hole golf course, an upgraded Green Point Athletics track, open green space for residents and visitors to walk, a fitness area, an amphitheatre, a biodiversity garden, a play park for the disabled, as well as a new eco-centre, which will educate visitors about the environment.

The green space could be used for craft markets, and FIFA will set up its hospitality tents there too.  It will also serve as parking during the World Cup.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com