‘Hayden Quinn: South Africa’ episode 12: Rhino spotting, Zulu dancing, more Woolworths deceit!


Hayden Quinn 12 Rhinos Whale CottageLast night’s episode 12 of ‘Hayden Quinn: South Africa‘ showed many South Africans an area of the country they have little exposure to, being Shakaland, a Zulu Cultural Centre, where Quinn was exposed to Zulu stick fighting, dancing, and traditional food and beer. The link to Woolworths in rhino spotting and to Shakaland is not clear, other than that Woolworths sells Rhino-themed shopper bags.

The Wildlife ACT (African Conservation Trust) Rhino monitor guide Zama Ncube took Quinn and Justin Smith, Head of Sustainability at Woolworths, to track black and white rhino, finding fresh dung and tracks of the rhino in the thick grass, and they were able to spot them too. Woolworths’ shopper bags with rhino visuals were plugged, as was the My Planet shopper card, proceeds of which go to the Wildlife ACT program.  Hayden Quinn 12 Justin Smith and guide Whale CottageThe link between Woolworths’ Sustainability focus and Wildlife ACT was not explained.  Quinn then took to the skies in a helicopter, flown by pilot Etienne Gerber of the Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing of Project Rhino KZN, making it far easier to see the rhinos from above, and to control their movement and protection.  Quinn was spoilt with sightings of zebra, giraffe, and buck.  He was told that there are 20000 rhinos now.  

Maseda Ratshikuni, from the WWF Nedbank Green Trust Management Committee, spoke about the work with the local communities, in preventing rhino poaching and in encouraging locals to come forward when they observe something untoward. He said that South African children should be able to grow up to enjoy seeing one of our country’s Big Five.

Hayden Quinn 12 KuduOddly Quinn made a South African-Australian fusion dish of Char Sui marinated Kudu (which Woolworths does not sell) and rice noodles, against the backdrop of lush greenery and water, but the location was not named.  Quinn had no one to guide him in making the dish, making a marinade with Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar, to which he added honey, crushed garlic, and ginger.  He said that he prepares ‘quick food’, so turned the kudu fillet in the marinade a number of times.  He then put it on his griddle pan, turning the fillet regularly, and then allowing it to rest for 5 – 10 minutes.   Thereafter Quinn sliced it, adding shallots, noodles, and topping the dish with white and black sesame seeds.

The visit to Shakaland, a Zulu Cultural Centre, came across as an open zoo (described in the program as a ‘living museum‘), Quinn participating in stick fighting, having to wear skins to be able to do so.  It came across as patronising Hayden Quinn 12 Zulu dressthat he wore the Zulu traditional dress (only Johnny Clegg looks at home in it!).  Shakaland Culture Guide Mbuso Mpungose explained that stick fighting is used to solve problems between two individuals (i.e. men).  Quinn ‘beat’ his opponent, and was called a ‘Zulu warrior‘!

Hayden Quinn 12 Phumzile Tsoari Whale CottageMuch nicer was Phumzile Tsoari, a guide and dancer at Shakaland, showing Quinn how to prepare a chicken potjie and make Amadombolo dumplings. Maize flour, water, salt and baking powder were mixed with a wooden spoon, to achieve the right consistency, and then put to one side, to let it rise.  Once ready, Phumzile added spoonfuls of the dumpling mix into the potjie.  She offered Quinn some traditional beer, his face showing that he was not too keen on its taste.  He was asked to kneel, as a sign of respect, and Phumzile sprinkled some in front of them on the ground, to invite ancestors to join them. She tasted it first, explainingHayden Quinn 12 Zulu dancing that she had to make sure that it had not been poisoned! To finish off the second last episode, there was lots of Zulu dancing, Quinn back in shorts and T-shirt, clearly having no dance rythym at all!

I had not paid much attention to the Woolworths’ ‘Good Journey’ TV commercial in the episodes in the past, but being far more focused on Woolworths’ misleading consumer communication about its Ayrshire milk, and the housing of its suppliers’ cows, I heard the misleading words used in the TV commercial for the first time ‘…showing everything with nothing to hide’, with a visual of Ayrshire cows!

Hayden Quinn 12 Zulu traditional dressThe question remains: who is Hayden Quinn, and why was he selected by the production company on behalf of Woolworths to show us the beauty of our country, and its bounty of sustainable foods and wines?  Hayden Quinn is an Australian surfer and former professional lifeguard, ‘WWF-SASSI ambassador’, a ‘cooker’ and by his own admission not a chef, and a 2011 MasterChef Australia top 3 Finalist.

We have also asked why Woolworths is not sharing its sponsorship of ‘Hayden Quinn: South Africa’  via marketing collateral in its stores.  We are shocked about how Woolworths’ suppliers’ unethical farming methods are being revealed and the retailer’s response to it via a new ‘Good Food News’ insert in the Sunday Times, still misleading its shoppers!  Episode 1 of ‘Hayden Quinn: South Africa’ focused on Cape Town, and made Capetonians proud of their city!   Episode 2 was very disappointing and boring, focusing on Stellenbosch!  Episode 3 was beautifully filmed in Paternoster, and was back on track.  Episode 4 was filmed in Franschhoek, which creatively included Fairview into the village!  Episode 5 was filmed in Elgin, Hermanus, and Stanford.  Episode 6 was filmed in Knysna.  Episode 7 was based in Oudtshoorn. Episode 8 was set in the steaming hot Karoo.  In episode 9 Hayden explored colourful Johannesburg and Soweto.  Episode 10 was based in Lesotho. Episode 11 was set in the Natal Midlands, mostly in the company of Chef Jackie Cameron.

Hayden Quinn: South Africa, SABC3, Mondays 21h30 – 22h00.  www.haydenquinnsouthafrica.com   www.haydenquinn.com.au  Twitter: @Hayden_Quinn @HaydenQuinnSA

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