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Civil Court Sweet Service and Cape to Cuba Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Nonnie Xelitole in the Civil Court in the Justicia Building, for her assistance in getting a document for the Small Claims Court stamped. The Supervisor Belinda Jayiya in the Small Claims Court office is the only staff member dealing with the public, and was holding an unauthorised hearing in her office, the waiting public hearing the two disputing parties scream at each other for about an hour.  The Supervisor was rude, and could not explain why the hearing was not held in court, and was holding up the rest of the queue.  Nonnie came to the rescue, getting the hearing stopped, and the paperwork stamped, with professionalism and friendliness.

The Sour Service Award goes to Cape To Cuba, whose owner chased Johannesburg customers from the restaurant and told them to not return as they had only tipped the waitress 5%!  It is not the first time that the restaurant has attacked its patrons about a poor tip.  The story has been widely reported. contaminating Cape Town’s restaurant service reputation.

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