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2015 vintage of 1771 wine bottled by Dorrance Cellar, made from grapes of oldest vine in Southern Hemisphere!

imageI had the pleasure of starting my day today with a glass of Champagne and oysters delivered by neighboring Bizerca Bistro at Dorrance Cellar, to witness the bottling of a historic wine.

I was invited by James Boreland to participate in the bottling by owner Christophe Durand of the 2015 vintage of 1771, a Crouchen Blanc (which used to be referred to as a Cape Riesling) made from grapes Continue reading →

Boston American Diner opens in Heritage Square in Cape Town!

imageWhile it may sound ironic that an American Diner has opened in Heritage Square, a building dating back to the 1770s, the new Boston seems to fit right in on Buitengracht Street and in Cape Town.

I had parked nearby when I visited the bottling of the wine made from the oldest vines in the Southern Hemisphere at Dorrance Cellar inside the Heritage Square courtyard earlier today. It Continue reading →

Oh la la! French Bistro to open at urban working winery Dorrance Cellar!

imageI was invited by Cabo Esperanço Wines to attend a trade tasting of wines by Vondeling, Oak Valley, Blackwater, and Keermont earlier today at Dorrance Cellar on Hout Street, which I had never visited before. What a lovely space, with an earthy underground cellar feel. I was excited to hear that French Bistro Bouchon will open at Dorrance Cellar next month. Continue reading →