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Aviation is the ‘midwife’ for Tourism, says Tourism Minister Van Schalkwyk!

SAA Table MountainMarthinus van Schalkwyk, Minister of Tourism, is not known for flowery language, but is reported to have used some interesting expressions in his address to the General Assembly on Tourism and Aviation of the  Airline Association of Southern Africa earlier this week, reports eTurboNews.

Minister van Schalkwyk said that the aviation and tourism industries were dealing with the same customers, but called them different names. ‘What you call passengers, we call tourists, and that includes both business and leisure travelers. Aviation is the midwife for more than 50% of international tourist arrivals and 70% of all tourism receipts worldwide. But the inverse is of course also true: Tourism is also a “midwife” for air transport growth‘, he said.

Trends which affect the Tourism industry,  identified by the Minister, were the following:

*  Tourism has grown rapidly in the past 60 years. ‘Globally, we expect 350 million new international tourist arrivals by 2020 and, by 2030, we expect arrivals to top 1.8 billion. What makes our sector so unique is its multiplying effect in contributing to GDP (gross domestic product) and job creation’.  The G20 declaration adopted last year reflects the positive social and economic effect of tourism.

*   Economic and political power is moving to the South and to the East. ‘Over the next Continue reading →

G20 of Tourism Ministers to meet in SA

The first ever meeting of Tourism Ministers from around the world will be hosted by and held in South Africa in February, reports Engineering News.

The Minister of Tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk announced that the G20 of Tourism Ministers will meet from 22 – 24 February, when he addressed the National Tourism Conference in Johannesburg last week.  The theme of the G20 meeting will be “Travel and Tourism: stimuli for G20 economies”.

Minister van Schalkwyk stated that this country’s tourism industry had better withstood the global economic crisis, compared to such sectors as construction, real estate and car manufacturing.   He announced that in 2008 South Africa had received 9,5 million arrivals, a 5,5 % increase compared to the year before.   The global tourism growth average has been 2 % for the same period.   The 2009 tourism growth may be under pressure, the Minister said, and therefore a co-ordinated international response to the tourism downturn was needed.

The Minister also announced that South Africa has been elected to the executive council of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.  The Organisation recognises the role that tourism plays in creating jobs – 75 million worldwide – and is an important generator of small and medium businesses.

Linked to the G20 meeting of Tourism Ministers, South Africa will also host the United Nations World Tourism Organisation/South Africa Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega-events, from 24 – 26 February next year, in Sandton.   It will help South Africa to plan for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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