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Restaurant critics: what do we look for when evaluating a restaurant?


I am honoured that talented brother and sister team Mari-Louis Guy (judge of Koekedoor and the forthcoming Kokkedoortjie) and Callie Maritz of Cakebread included me in their shoot for visi magazine to demonstrate the new trend of decorating cakes with flowers. I had no idea that the photographs of the six food writers Errieda du Toit, Mari-Louis Guy, Zola Nene, Samantha Woulidge, Ishay Govender-Ypma, and I would be featured in the latest issue of visi lifestyle and decor magazine.  To crown it all, an interview I did with Callie and Mari-Louis about restaurant reviewing and my favorite restaurants has just been featured on the Cakebread website.

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Koekedoor Season 2 episode 11: Fashion influences baking!

imageFashion was the theme for episode eleven of Season 2 of Koekedoor, the episode leading to the demise of one of the four contestants, the Top Three remaining, one of them becoming the winner of Season 2 in two weeks from now.  The theme was chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Huisgenoot magazine this year, and was transformed into fashionable baking as the theme for this episode. Continue reading →