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Carrol Boyes celebrates 30 years of Proudly South African homeware and lifestyle design!

Last week a host of media representatives was invited to attend a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Carrol Boyes company, an event at which founder, designer, and doyen Carrol Boyes shared with us the history of her evolvement as an artist, into building a functional art design company, creating a new homeward and lifestyle design every week. Continue reading →

Carrol Boyes adds fine Chocolate Collection, ‘inspired by her art’, to its vast range of ‘embracing conversation’ artisanal products!

Yesterday I visited the Carrol Boyes head office in Paarden Eiland, and was shown around its extensive and impressive Showroom, and Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery production facility by its CEO Craig Ludwig.  Continue reading →

Plettenberg Bay has a whale of a new Main Road!

A project spread over more than 4 years to redesign the Main Road of Plettenberg Bay between the Upper Deck (at the Dolphin roundabout) to The Grand Cafe has been completed, and is a model of urban design and art, particularly as it has incorporated the most unusual art work in the road redesign, which was manufactured in Plettenberg Bay.  

The highlight of the urban artwork, which is spread every 25 – 30 meters along the road, is the large whale tail at the newly constructed roundabout at The Grand Cafe.  Other pieces represent the area through works entitled Seaweed, Tree, Flower, Thistle, African Totem, Chalice, Aloe, Fish, Youth, Maiden, Woman, Man, Cup, Bird, Reeds, Flame, and many more.

The design for the artwork was the inspiration of Mario Bonadei, of Bonadei Architects, Cape Town based architect and urban designer, who was awarded the project by the Bitou municipality of Plettenberg Bay.   His design brief was to create the best promenade in the world, integrating both sides of the street.   His design did not only address the road surface and parking, but also incorporated urban and landscape art.  

Bonadei felt that trees would take too long to grow to make a statement on the Main Road, and thus looked for another way to do this.   He wanted urban artwork to play a role in illuminating the road at night, and it had to be lightweight, be wind resistant, be locally made, and reflect the Garden Route and the marine wealth of Plettenberg Bay. 

A project team that Bonadei put together with input by Lisa Murray, the owner of Limited Edition in The Heath outside Plettenberg Bay, her Manager Oliver Koetter, and her husband Keith, who owns a modern sawmill company in Plettenberg Bay, created the 36 pieces of urban art for the road.   Koetter oversaw the production of the artwork, with regular inspiration from Bonadei.

Township residents from Plettenberg Bay were involved in the project.   Stainless steel was hand-bent into cages, from which the urban art shapes were created.   Coloured plexiglass (the strong plastic from which aeroplane windows are made) strips were incorporated into the design, to add colour.  Each artwork has a base, in which a light is contained, and to which the artwork is bolted.

Bonadei is working with owners of buildings on Main Road, to upgrade their buildings, to add to the road architecture that he has created for this beautiful town. 

For more information contact Mario Bonadei, Bonadei Architects, Cape Town, tel 021 686-7318.

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