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FitBit a fabulous fitness tool and motivation, discovering my health and fitness with Discovery!

I have not been fitness-conscious in many years, but in preparation for my Camino walk, I decided to invest in a FitBit, a watch that not only tells the date and time, but also provides information about one’s activity in terms of steps and kilometers covered, calories burned, and one’s heart rate. All the measures are tracked daily and weekly, from the time that one startswearing the FitBit. Continue reading →

Uber Sweet Service and Cinema Nouveau Sour Service Awards!

Uber ice creamThe Sweet Service Award goes to Uber, for its innovative international launch (in 130 countries) of #UberIceCream 2014 tomorrow, to ‘turn the other cheek to the winter chill’ in South Africa, and to position Uber as much more than an alternative taxi service.  Packages of tubs of frozen yoghurt, toppings, Uber swag scarves, and delivery tomorrow between  11h00 – 17h00 are available to order on the Uber app at R120 in Cape Town, and R165 in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Johannesburg.  To launch the campaign in South Africa, it is linked locally to Nelson Mandela Day today.  Sick children at the Johannesburg General Hospital will be spoilt with an ice cream delivery this weekend.  The company will also bring children from the Alex AIDS Project in Johannesburg to a Filo Yoghurt outlet, and to Myög for children from the Uluntu Centre in Cape Town, so that they can make up their favourite frozen yoghurt treats. Continue reading →

RIP Nelson Mandela: father of our nation, hero of the world!

mandela-house-statue-whale-cottage-portfolio-225x300On Thursday evening South Africa and the world lost in Nelson Mandela one of its most influential citizens ever, who taught us about the nobility of forgiveness, despite what he suffered for 27 years to make South Africa and the world a better place for all.

No doubt like many others, I could not help but feel sad about the passing of someone whom I had never met, but who feels like a father, and the sadness is even greater, this being the second father I have lost this year. Reading the outpouring of love for Mr Mandela on TV, on radio, on Twitter, and Facebook, the timelines were dominated by the expression of each one who uses the media.  Kfm played tributes and ‘nostalgic’ music, not its normal music mix, like Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge over Troubled Water‘ and Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears in Heaven’, and many more songs that related to the specialness of Madiba.

The world’s leaders expressed their sadness, and President Barack Obama was one of the first to express his condolences in the early hours of yesterday morning.  He and his wife Michelle have announced that they will travel to South Africa next week, to pay their respects to the  country and the family.   Books of condolence have been opened in South African embassies around the world, for South Africans and Madiba admirers to express their feelings.  A moving tribute was paid to him by his assistant of many years Zelda la Grange.

Many media interviewees said that the day had been inevitable, but no one was prepared for the final passing. A number of false reports announced Madiba’s passing mid-year, and it is clear that the major international and local TV stations had long before prepared documentaries about the man that had such a hold over the world.

Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster (now Drakenstein) prison in 1990, a month after I had moved back home to Cape Town from Pretoria and Johannesburg, and I was one of many millions watching the TV broadcast of the long and slow walk to freedom from the prison.  The broadcast by SABC was a lowlight of Mr Mandela’s release, his release having been delayed, and the SABC reporter had nothing more to say while waiting for at least an hour than to comment on a leaking tap!  As Madiba’s cavalcade was leaving Paarl, I was one of thousands making our way to the City Hall, to hear Madiba address the nation and the world.  We heard his distinctive voice for the first time.  It was the start of a new South Africa, of tolerance and respect for each other, most of the time.  Not only was Madiba respected for his lack of bitterness, but President FW de Klerk was saluted too for his graciousness in motivating his Cabinet to release Madiba, knowing full well that he and his National Party would eventually lose the ruling power.  For their gentlemanliness both leaders jointly received the Nobel Continue reading →

Chad le Clos Sweet Service and Ster-Kinekor Cavendish Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Chad le Clos, our Olympian super swimmer at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  On his arrival back with the SA Olympic team at OR Thambo airport on Tuesday, a matric learner invited him by poster to be her matric dance date, which he accepted, subject to any travel or other commitments!  Mail & Guardian has reported her name to be Melanie Olhaus attending Glenvista High School (see the video interview with her). What an amazing young man, who has not let his success go to his head.  His father Bert is almost as famous as his son due to his spontaneous and delightful BBC interview.  Chad le Clos is a wonderful ambassador for South Africa, not only good-looking, but also a nice human being who appears unaffected by his new fame.  He deserves lots more gold and silver in the future.

The Sour Service Award goes to Ster-Kinekor in Cavendish Square, for its heavy-handed treatment of its customer Andrew for bringing a take-away cup of coffee from Seattle Coffee Company into the movie house, a beverage which Ster-Kinekor does not sell. It was too hot for him to drink immediately.  When he showed his tickets, he was told to finish his coffee immediately, but it was still too hot for him to do so.  He refused and entered the cinema.  A manager was called, and discussed the matter inside the theatre, disturbing other patrons.  He was told to leave the cinema, to which he replied that they would have to physically remove him. A security guard then entered the cinema, and asked him to leave, threatening to call the police if he did not leave.  Again he refused. No police arrived.  Andrew complained about how the movie was spoiled for himself and the other movie-goers.

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