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Two MasterChicks tackle a Chick…en Ballotine, live-streamed with Chef Jenny Morris, iCook, and Live-Cook Channel!


Cooking shows have become even more popular during Lockdown. Earlier on in Lockdown I was invited to participate in a Cooking Show, which was guided by Chef Luke Dale Roberts, with Chef Pete Goffe-Wood as the MC, in which we prepared Beef Wellington. I invited my dear friend Jenny Stephens to join me in preparing it, especially as we both grew up in Wellington, and because she has learnt so much from the many  MasterChef Australia episodes she has watched during Lockdown. It was a great evening, and we were very proud of our cooking capabilities, especially as both of us Singles cook infrequently.

Last Thursday I invited MasterChick Jenny again, to assist me in preparing Chicken Ballotine, guided via Livestream on Live-Cook Channel by Yumcious Restaurant owner and Chef Jenny Morris. I had been invited to participate by Kim Crowie, Editor of Film & Event Media. My good friend Stuart Bailey joined us for moral support, and poured the wine during our dinner. Continue reading →

Two MasterChicks from Wellington cook Beef Wellington with Live-Cook Channel, guided by Chefs Luke Dale Roberts and Pete Goffe-Wood,


I was invited by Heidi Kuyper, Sales & Marketing Executive of SA Chef Media, to join Episode 2 of the Live-Cook Channel last Thursday evening, learning to prepare Beef Wellington with the guidance of Chef Luke Dale Roberts of The Test Kitchen, and the MC for the show being Consultant Chef Pete.Goffe-Wood.

Live-Cook Channel launched the concept of cooking with celebrity chefs in the comfort of one’s own home, receiving the ingredients required for the meal delivered to one’s home, enough to serve a group of two or four diners, with guidance of a recipe card and by the celebrity chef via the broadcast on a YouTube channel as to how to prepare a signature dish. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: My Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 5, 31 March 2020.


Tuesday 31 March 2020, Day 16 of SA Corona Virus, Day 5 of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for another beautiful but slightly cooler and cloudy day; for the friendly locals walking past, chatting across the road, even if we haven’t met each other, such a lovely community spirit; for my new ‘gym’ I ‘created’ in our building; for the steady drop in my Resting Heart Rate; for meeting my step goal today; for being more active this past week than the week before; for the reception of Kfm being back to normal, after two days of interrupted broadcasting due to the damaged undersea internet cable, and its wonderful dancing music 💃, especially the last hour of ‘Dinsdag Dansdag’, with fabulous dancing tunes; for DJ Dino Ben Tovim playing for us from his home; for a long catch-up chat with Alex’s Jamie Hoyland, Alex being so busy at work; for the petrol price coming down by almost R2 a liter at midnight; for the R218 money-back I received from Discovery Vitality; and for happily having spent five days in ‘confinement’ already. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Stellenbosch boasts with its Fine Wine and Food Festival, on 3 August!

It was the title of an article, looking very much like a copy and paste media release, that caught my eye, announcing the Stellenbosch Fine Wine and Food Festival ón 3 August, to be held in the ‘Gourmet Capital of South Africa’.  In my opinion, Stellenbosch has no such claim to this title, with only one restaurant on the 2019 Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant List!

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