Bree Street praised as ‘Cape Town’s hippest block’ by Wall Street Journal!


Bree Stret Chef's Wrehouse & CanteenAmerican writer and Cape Town resident Sarah Khan is a good ambassador for Cape Town, even through she recently praised Durban and helped it make 7th on the New York Times2015 52 Places to go! Writing recently for the Wall Street Journal, she has praised Bree Street, with the headline ‘Bree Street: Cape Town’s hippest block’!  We recently listed 26 restaurants on Bree Street, Cape Town’s hip foodie street.

Khan introduces the article by describing Bree Street as ‘…buzzy new businesses behind spruced-up Victorian-era facades. This once quiet stretch is suddenly South Africa’s hippest address, courtesy of a host of stylish restaurants and boutiques’.  She
highlighted five businesses, symbolising stylish addresses on Bree Street:

*   Bocca is the sister ‘cut-your-own pizza joint‘ with a blue and red pizza oven sourced from a third generation oven maker in Naples, with a ‘meticulously curated wine list‘, to Burrata.  128 Bree Street.

*   Klûk CGDT is a design boutique with designers Malcolm Klûk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit, who have designed for actress Charlize Theron. 43 – 35 Bree Street.

*   Sarah Ord Interiors is described as a ‘décor haven‘, with couches, lampshades and dishware. 215 Bree Street.

*   Chef’s Warehouse & Canteen is described as ‘a regular haunt for restaurant-industry insiders‘, with its Street Food outlet below the next-door hotel. 92 Bree Street

*   Orphanage Cocktail Emporium is a ‘window to a bygone era’, through its decor and cocktails. 227 Bree Street (photograph)

Oddly Khan adds the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice to her Bree Street list, describing it as being on New Church Street, off Bree Street, which is incorrect, it being parallel to Bree Street.  While the copy about each Bree Street business is thin, the beautiful colour slides make up for this!  All (free) publicity for our wonderful Cape Town is greatly appreciated!

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2 replies on “Bree Street praised as ‘Cape Town’s hippest block’ by Wall Street Journal!”

  1. Very interesting Chris.

    My following comments are not obviously for publication but I think that you’ll agree that the state of SAA is a national disgrace. Having read the Cape Times this morning I now know why SAA cancelled the profitable LHR-CPT service, in order to open the routes to Mumbai & Beijing. I assume that this was due to political interference in support of BRICS!

    Now those routes are losing so much money that they will be cancelled but the LHR slots are lost! This must be considered to be a national disgrace. How much longer will SA tax payers put up with such profligacy???

    Why on earth don’t they denationalise SAA? State owner airlines don’t work…end of!

    Over to you!!

    • You are spot on Nick. We are far too complacent, and the opposition parties are not even shouting out about it!

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