Camps Bay Drive to re-open next week!


Camps Bay DriveThe City of Cape Town has shared with Camps Bay homeowners that it will be concluding its repair and widening in part of Camps Bay Drive, after seven months of being closed, by the end of this month.

Ian Bowker, Head: Pavement Materials and Rehabilitation of the City of Cape Town, informed Camps Bay Watch members that repairs are almost done:

This will probably be my final update as we are very near to completion. Most residents would have noticed that all the work on the road (i.e. between the kerbs) is complete except for the line marking. The contractor however still has a fair amount of work to complete before the road can be fully opened. This includes:

  • Installation of street lights, street lighting cables and commissioning of street lights (probably 80% complete)
  • Completing the stone pitched side drain on the mountain side of the road (75% complete)
  • Fixing damaged sidewalk and kerbs
  • Cleaning and trimming of all the embankments and the entire site
  • Line marking

We have an inspection today to draw up a snag list and an inspection next week 24 November to ensure progress on the snags.

The contractor has committed to opening the road on or by 30 November 2015.

For what it is worth, I believe that the final ride quality on the road is some of the best I have felt in many recent projects. I hope that those of you who use the road every day agree and enjoy the improvement.

Thank you again for your patience, tolerance and all the feedback throughout the project. It hasn’t been easy and it could not have happened without your patient cooperation’.  

The City of Cape Town had initially promised that Camps Bay Drive would re-open on 20 September. It did not communicate with Camps Bay ratepayers and residents about the road repairs and the delays via inserts into municipal accounts or advertisements in the local freesheets. Camps Bay Drive is not only a vital road for Camps Bay residents, but also for Hout Bay and Constantia residents, who have used this as an alternative way of getting to/from their homes. All traffic was diverted down only one road, Geneva Drive being ill-equipped to cope with the volumes of cars, MyCiTi Buses, and construction trucks driving on it!

We look forward to trying out the completed Camps Bay Drive, a road that had not been upgraded for thirty years despite the rapid increase in traffic over the years, carrying 17000 vehicles per day!

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