Cape Town to grow by close to 1 million population in Wescape development!


WescapeThe Western Cape government yesterday approved the expansion of the boundary of Cape Town, to allow the City of Cape Town to create the Wescape ‘mini city’ suburb between the N7 and the West Coast Road,  and between Atlantis and Melkbosstrand, with 200000 houses, 800000 residents, and costing R140 billion to develop.

The land used for the development is currently farmland, and it will take 20 years for the Wescape development to be completed.  The approval granted will only allow the expansion of the City’s ‘urban edge’, and does not automatically give the developers the right to go ahead, as further approvals will have to be applied for, such as environmental authorisation, rezoning, and subdivision of the land, according to the Cape Times.

The approval of the expansion of the city’s urban edge has met with mixed reaction, having taken five years to develop the framework.   The approval granted has been described as ‘politics’, and not being about planning.

In the same meeting the provincial government rejected an application for thousands of houses to be built in the Philippi Horticultural Area.

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2 replies on “Cape Town to grow by close to 1 million population in Wescape development!”

  1. Ask the people of atlantis what they think of this. For some reason they dont get to have a voice, despite being a major affected party. They know how 80% unemployment feels and what it does to a community. Explain to them where the new city’s people will allegedly find employment and they laugh bitterly. Utter madness, in a nutshell. Idiot politicians. As in, one really has to wonder about the IQ and entry level requirements for the job. – from a recent employer of previously longterm unemployed woman from atlantis, one of thousands who lost her job when the factories were forced to close due to uncompetitiveness

    • Interesting feedback Maria.

      One wonders who they will accommodate there – new residents to Cape Town or move them from other areas? The architect’s drawing certainly look modern and vibey.

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