Fun fine dining SŸN at 47 popping up on top of 47 Bree Street from 16 July, a teaser before the main event!


The news is brief, and no doubt more will be revealed as 16 July gets closer. Dynamic Chefs Rikku O’Donnchü and Warwick King are opening a somewhat more permanent pop-up restaurant for a three month period before they are ready to open their exciting experimental fine dining restaurant, the location and name of which is still a big secret.

Having hosted a number of SŸN pop-ups at a variety of venues in Cape Town, the announcement of the SŸN at 47 pop-up restaurant opening on 16 July takes the reality of the new restaurant, due to open before the end of November, a step closer to fruition. It was not hard to identify that the pop-up address is the third floor of 47 on Bree Street, Cape Town’s premier restaurant street, and the home of Villa 47 on its first and second floors.

The announcement on Facebook is as follows: ‘In the run up to opening the most exciting and experimental dining restaurant in South Africa, Chefs Rikku and Warwick are set to open SŸN at 47, to tease the food lovers of the world before unleashing the main event! Stay tuned for the latest info.’

Chef Rikku has confirmed that reservations for the SŸN at 47 pop-up are now open. Its website launches this week. 

Chef Rikku is popping up in France at the beginning of July too, cooking at organic M.Chapoutier winery, a hybrid French-South African three course menu of Trout ceviche, pink grapefruit, elderflower, green peppercorn dressing, and capers; Herb-stuffed leg of lamb cooked on the barbecue, with a mint and Créme fraîche potato salad, and a roasted beetroot, pine nut, and goat cheese salad; and ending off with Malva pudding and créme anglaise  and caramelised apricots. He is also visiting top international restaurants Arpège, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, and Les Papilles, in Paris, and JAN in Nice. 

Last night Chef Rikku sent me the following, with the most amazing dish photographs, in order: Fruits of the Ocean, Holy Smoke, Plant Pot and Fossils, and Forest Floor : 

Hi Chris…

A little copy and new restaurant/chef/food pics.
Between opening what we’re sure is going to be Cape Town’s best experimental and ‘fun’ dining experience, the 2 Chefs who masterminded the concept of Gåte in Stellenbosch have started The SŸN group (pronounced SIN but meaning great expansion)
the restaurant, SŸN at 47 opens on July the 16th this year and as usual with this Chef… Expect the unexpected! 
The 2 being Top South African Chef Warwick King (Delaire Graff) and multi award winning Chef Rikku Ó’Donnchü.
The resume of Rikku has names attached to it like Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry as well the God farther of modern cookery him self, Marco Pierre White.
Ó’Donnchü has been in The Great British Cook Book and even landed on the cover it’s self, has also started on the hit BBC program Masterchef the professionals, cooking wild and Saturday morning kitchen, not to mention ad collaborations with Lay’s, yuppie chef and Robertson’s spice.
With partnerships arising with the likes of Richard Alan, top international barman in London, 5 star hotels, 5 star game reserves and a top secret cocktail club in Sandton, the company is about to live up to its name… SŸN.
The look and feel:
The restaurant will be edgy, dark and perpetual lighting, dramatic playlists, funky, cool and FUN.
‘I always say it’s fun dining, not fine dining!
We’ll use local artists to bring in sculptures and art pieces, but think in terms of The Joker meats Salvador Dali.’ Says Rikku.
The food and drink offerings will be contemporary and really set to mess with your mind, both visually and taste wise.
We want everybody to feel like this is a comfortable space, it’s not just for the foodie but for the metal head, the hipster and hunter.
A truly immersive dining experience.’

SŸN at 47, Floor 3, 47 Bree Street, Cape Town. (from 26/6)  Facebook: SŸN at 47. Instagram: @chef_rikku @chefking29 @thesyngroup

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