MasterChef SA Season 4 is hot, eliminates 5 contestants in first week!



MasterChef Season 4 got off to a busy start, and three contestants out of the 20 were eliminated in the first episode broadcast last Monday! A total of five contestants was eliminated in the four episodes of last week.

I am not a M-Net subscriber, so I have summarized the first four episodes of Week 1 from the MasterChef SA Facebook page.

To assist readers, I have summarized the 20 contestants: 

MasterChef SA Season 4 2022 announces 20 home cook contestants!

The first challenge the contestants were set was to create a Starter within 60 minutes, that was infused with Rooibos tea, endemic to the Western Cape but loved internationally.  The dish had to introduce each contestant to the judges. James made a Wagyu steak for the challenge. Mohammed made a steak tartare infused with Rooibos. Matthew, Lisa and Sylvie were eliminated in the first episode.

In Episode 2 the judges put themselves on a plate. Judge Justine Drake said she is a Cook, not a chef. She is inspired and delighted by Asia, and her definitive dish was an Asian noodle broth, the balance of sweet, salty, and sour being vital, she said. Judge Zola Nene reflected two events in her culinary journey through two dishes: her grandmother’s steamed Mielie bread, and cheese sausages and chutney. Judge Greg Czarnecki’s dish was Duck a l’orange, the secret lying in the sauce, he said. Tasnim was advised to believe in herself and trust herself more, almost walking out of the show.  Alicia, Charmaine, and Tasnim were announced as the contestants having made the top three dishes in this episode.  One contestant was eliminated, being Mohammed.

In Episode 3 the contestants were introduced to Chef Bertus Basson from Stellenbosch, challenged to an Invention Test, inspired by his Eike Restaurant Delivery Box, including a Golden Apple, butter bun, beef fat candle, jolly jammer, smoked onion cheesecake and grapes, lamb, home-made fish fingers made with sustainable fish, and Cremora tarts. Contestants were divided into two teams, having to prepare fast fine dining dishes reflecting their heritage within two hours. Fish was included in the menu. A fine dining dish had to be created out of an ordinary worker’s lunch. A team of healthcare staff from Somerset Hospital were the judges of this challenge.

Episode 4 challenged contestants to prepare the judges’ favourite childhood snacks in a dish. Justine chose liquorice, Provita, and coconut marshmallows on the Braai. Zola loved chocolate eclair sweets, pink musk sweets, and Simba chips. Chef Greg’s favourite snacks were jelly babies and Pringles chips. Charmaine made a Pringle ice cream, Tasnim made milk balls with the pink musk sweets. James made an ice cream with Simba chips. One contestant was eliminated, being Masedi. Charmaine and Onti were praised for their dishes.

Moira sent me this comment about the new Masterchef SA Season 4: ‘The 2022 master chef SA, totally amateurish, my goodness this country has so much talent. Very poorly selected judges, contestants pathetic. Pick and pay pantry totally frugal and disappointing. Sorry, but this series is a total embarrassment, doubt if I’ll waste my time watching such a poor show. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by the fun nail biting’ Masterchef Australia’ no comparison. ‘

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