President Ramaphosa calls Family Meeting about Energy Crisis!



For the first time since his regular ‘Family Meetings’ during Lockdown, President Ramaphosa addressed the nation via Livestream on YouTube. His topic was the ‘Energy Crisis’.

The ultimate goal of the measures announced is to never have to experience energy shortages again, the President said.


The President spoke about the daily power cuts over the past three weeks, and their impact on businesses and the economy.  He understands the negative reaction of the population, he said.

He called on all South Africans to assist in closing the electricity gap, and to find solutions to the problem. The country is to unite to address the problem.

A total of 46000 Megawatts can be generated in our country, but 30 0000 Megawatts is usually only available due to maintenance issues at power stations. In addition to maintenance issues, there has been theft and sabotage at power stations. The 18000 Megawatt capacity lost led to the recent Stage 6 Loadshedding. Labour issues between ESKOM and trade unions have been resolved and have assisted in creating relief from Loadshedding in the past week. However our electricity system is still vulnerable, the President said.

Other parties are allowed to generate up to 100 Megawatts in line with legislation passed in 2021. Actions taken by the government has not been enough, the President admitted. ESKOM is being fixed. The maintenance program must be increased in the next 12 months. Red tape is being  cut, to allow the purchase of spares to be faster and easier. Staff are being called back to work at ESKOM, to reinstate world class electricity generation. ESKOM will purchase electricity from private entities which have surplus power, as well as from other Southern African countries which have spare electricity capacity. The ESKOM debt of R 400 billion will be dealt with by the Government. Crime and corruption at ESKOM will be controlled by police and law enforcement.

These measures should reduce Loadshedding. However more Megawatts need to be added to the grid. The procurement of new capacity must be enhanced, the President said. New capacity must be built, details to be provided shortly. Wind and solar power is to be doubled to 5000 MwH. The government is accelerating private sector generation of electricity. Approvals have been too slow due to red tape. Legislation will be tabled to address this. Certain regulatory requirements will be addressed immediately.

The president said that a State of Emergency or of Disaster is not necessary, given the planned action to be taken. Residents with solar power can sell-off excess power. ESKOM is to be broken down into energy entities, but the electricity grid will remain owned by the government. The Energy Electricity Crisis Committee is to be created, under the guidance of The Presidency.

Households were encouraged by the President to use electricity sparingly, and to invest in solar power. Illegal electricity connections are to be prohibited.


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