Sanlam launches innovative 2 minute Shower Song campaign to save water, promotes SA music!


To date very few companies have jumped on the Western Cape Water disaster bandwagon for their marketing campaign. Insurance company Sanlam is an unusual link to the disaster, in its marketing use, other than its possibly sizable advertising budget! Other than the lack of brand connection credibility, the campaign is clever and promotes South African music.

I am a Sanlam client, and first heard about the campaign when I received an email from the Insurance giant. Since then I have heard it advertised on Kfm regularly. Sponsors of the campaign in terms of supporting it are Sanlam, the City of Cape Town, and Cape Town Tourism, the latter a strange bedfellow, as it does not ‘speak’ to Capetonians!

The Sanlam 2 Minute Shower Songs campaign contradicts the City of Cape Town advertising to residents, encouraging them to not shower for longer than 90 seconds, despite the City being a sponsor of the campaign. However, in its written introduction to the campaign, it is reiterated that one should use 87 liters of water or less per day. One is also told that a shower can use up to 10 liters of water per minute.  

The campaign concept is that one should start playing one of the shower songs when getting into the shower, each of the shower songs used in the campaign having been re-recorded and adapted to reduce it to 2 minutes. In addition, for extra fun, one is encouraged to sing along. The campaign recommends that one switch off the water while soaping up. The end of the song denotes switching off the water. The campaign makes the shower one’s personal rave club. 

The ten Music artists who have been included in the campaign are the following, and their songs can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play:

#.  Kwesta, singing ‘Boom Shaka Laka’

#.  Mi Casa singing ‘Nana’ (pic bottom right)

#.  GoodLuck singing ‘Taking it Easy’ (pic right)

#.  Fifi Cooper sings ‘Power of Gold’ (bottom left pic)

#.  Francois Van Coke sings ‘Dit raak beter’

#.  Jimmy Nevis sings ‘Day Dream’ (photograph left above)

#.  Rouge sings ‘Déjá Vu’

#.  Desmond and the Tutus sing ‘Teenagers’

#.  Youngsta sings ‘Wes Kaap’

#.  Springbok Nude Girls sing ‘Bubblegum on my Boots’.

In the Sanlam communication, the amount of water used for various household activities is enumerated:

#   a 2 minute shower uses 20 litres

#   Half a laundry load uses 30 litres 

#   Washing the dishes uses 9 litres

#   A single toilet flush uses 9 litres, which can be saved if grey water from the shower is used 

#   Brushing teeth and washing hands uses 10 litres

#   2 litres of water are drunk daily

#   A pet drinks 2 litres of water 

#   2 litres of water is used in cooking. 

In the 2minuteshowersongs campaign information, no agency is credited for its creation. 

Sanlam 2minuteshowersongs, 

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