Sweet Service Award goes to Audi Century City, Sour Service Award goes to Pajamas & Jam!



The Sweet Service Award goes to Audi Century City, and its Service Manager Darryl Robertson, for the amazing service I received in replacing the faulty headlamp of my Audi, by fetching my car, even offering a replacement car which I didn’t need, for returning it in three hours, for cleaning my car inside and outside, and for sending my car back with a gift of an Audi key ring, all at NO charge, Christmas having come early!

The Sour Service Award goes to Pajamas & Jam in Somerset West, at which I stopped recently, for a bite to eat. Parking is scarce in this industrial area, and I had to move my car when shouted at by the neighbouring business, a security guard representing the neighbouring businesses in general to prevent supporters of the restaurant from parking outside their businesses but not guiding one as to where to park. A bad start! It was a lovely day and warm, so I asked to sit outside. I shared a table with a communal bench (not befitting the stature of the restaurant) with a lovely lady Shelley whom I had not met before, and ordered a scrambled egg cheese croissant, a rip-off at R85 with more croissant than egg and cheese, despite their croissants only costing R25, and very poor presentation. A hostess at the door, standing right where we were sitting, would not take our order, and sent a waitress with attitude. The staff member manning the impressive display of tarts and cakes was totally unhelpful and disinterested when I asked questions, just repeating the name of each item. There is no manager on the floor to keep an eye on the large restaurant or to pick up customer dissatisfaction!

POSTSCRIPT 19/8: A Melissa, presumably the co-owner of Pajamas & Jam, sent a rude, non-apologetic arrogant response to my Sour Service Award – strange as no such person came to speak to me when I ate there almost a month ago! Her husband Eduan Roos is abusive and bullying me about my post on Instagram! This is what Melissa wrote: ‘I realize now that I actually really feel sorry for you. I wonder if you realize the way your (sic) acting when you visit a (or at least our shop) shop does not justify being allowed to provide your experience or point of view. Please do not visit us again, you do not treat our ladies with any form of kindness, respect or basic manners. I also wonder if you realise that words can hurt ? If you really want to inform us that you are unhappy, we can teach you in what manner to speak and approach one for future use. Truly wish you luck on the future, but please do not involve us in what you do as from now on.

Kind regards

I have assured Melissa that I won’t be back for sure. My Facebook friends are shocked at the rip-off pricing and pathetic looking egg croissant I ate there. I regret not sending it back!


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