The Ivy Sweet Service and Conrad Gallagher Sour Service Awards!


imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to The Ivy in Franschhoek, which invited me to try their Apartment 3 on Monday evening. I did not spend much time in the apartment, but slept there in a very comfortable bed that was warm, with an electric blanket, and an air conditioner in the bedroom. The apartment is very spacious, with two bedrooms, each with a bathroom, one en suite. The kitchen is equipped with quality appliances, and everything one would need for a self-catering stay. I did miss a converter plug to be able to use the two-prong hairdryer and to charge my phone. Parking is available on the property, and employee Wellington was very friendly in showing me the apartment, in helping me to set up the wifi, and switching on the air conditioner. Breakfast the next morning was at the nearby The Village Tart, owned by Lisa Adams, who also oversees the management of The Ivy.

imageThe Sour Service Award goes to Chef Conrad Gallagher, who opened the restaurant Gallagher’s on Stanley in Port Elizabeth two months ago whilst still having debts to suppliers at his renamed Gallagher’s Restaurant (previously Café Chic) in Breda Street in Gardens. I know of two suppliers who are owed money, one just over R1000 and another R25000. Arrangements Gallagher made to pay his debts have not been honored! I called him yesterday afternoon, and he assured me that he is still operating in Cape Town, visiting the city once a week to see his consulting clients. He will operate the Cape Town restaurant from November to 1 March from the current premises or possibly a new one close by, which he is in negotiations with about a new lease. I asked him why he is not paying the suppliers he owes money to, and he replied: ‘I know who I owe money to and I am working on it‘! Gallagher has a bad reputation of opening and closing restaurants in New York, Dublin, and Cape Town, and leaving unpaid debts!

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  1. Cannot believe that Conrad has been allowed to do this again… we refused to support the restaurant in Breda Street for this exact reason!

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