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YiaYia’s Table a bakery honouring Greek family and passion!


I was invited by Kirsten Reynecke to try Yiayia’s Table in Mowbray, and did so in late December with my friend Gary Peterson, visiting the sit-down and delivery Café and Bakery on a Saturday morning.

Yiayia is the Greek word for grandmother, and is a dedication to granny Elli Parolis of the brother and sister owners of Yiayia’s Table, in the same shop in which their grandfather Jimmy ran a butchery and granny Elli had a tea room, both grandparents immigrating to Cape Town from the island of Lesbos. Granny Elli was a passionate cook, and spoilt her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren with her traditional Greek cooking and bakery.

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Pastry goes pink with new Callebaut Ruby RB1 pink chocolate!

In my passion of writing about food and restaurants in the main, I am very lucky and often spoilt. Yesterday I attended a historic event for the food and restaurant industry, the launch of the new Ruby RB1 chocolate by Callebaut, an iconic new pink chocolate, the first new chocolate launch in 80 years since the introduction of dark, milk, and white chocolates. It was developed over a period of ten years by Callebaut with a University in Germany. Continue reading →