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SA Tourism body fumes over UK’s refusal to remove SA from its Red List!


The UK removed a number of countries, including Kenya, Pakistan, Egypt, and The Maldives, from its Red List last week, but South Africa was not one the nine countries benefiting from the travel relaxation, reports Daily Maverick. 

SA Tourism Services Association (SATSA) CEO David Frost spoke out harshly, describing the decision by the UK to not include our country as ‘scandalous and completely unacceptable’. Continue reading →

Cape Town Tourism pleads for tourism players to be vaccinated, and for the UK to remove SA from its ‘red list’!


In a poorly worded media statement, Cape Town Tourism has appealed to local tourism players to get vaccinated, to enhance the safety of our tourism industry, and enhance the attractiveness of Cape Town as a safe tourist destination.

It has also pleaded with the UK Government to remove SA from the ‘red list’, given that the Delta variant is now the main Covid threat, it no longer being the South African variant. Continue reading →

Confusing Covid and Visa regulations damage International Tourism to South Africa!


Six days after South Africa’s borders reopened for tourism, confusion reigns about various aspects of the new regulations in regard to how they apply to Leisure and Business Travellers, the insurance required in particular, whether the Covid testing applies to airline crew, and whether Visas are required for visitors to our country!  A surprise has been that the Minister of Tourism has appeared to have had no participation in the regulations regarding the reopening of International Tourism, left in the hands of the Departments of Home Affairs, Transport, and International Relations and  Cooperation! Continue reading →